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Dear Student,

Welcome to ISA program.

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Unlike traditional student loans, ISAs align the incentives of your school with your success. The biggest advantage of financing your education with an ISA is that the payments adjust to what you can afford based on your income.

What exactly is Income Share Agreements (“ISA tuition option”) 

  • Instead of paying tuition upfront, enrolled students may choose to sign an Income Share Agreement (ISA).
  • An ISA is a legally binding agreement representing a responsibility to pay TESTPRO LLC a portion of future income.
  • Income Share Agreements are not a form of debt, nor a loan (Statement provided by
  • Students who choose the ISA option agree to pay 10% of their gross income (i.e., before taxes) in 18 monthly payments, but only when a student earns more than $2,916 per month (i.e., $35,000 per year).
  • The ISA option is capped at a maximum of $3,974.
  • The ISA term is 5 years, starting on the day immediately following the student’s last day at Basic QA Bootcamp, and the ISA obligations should be completed in no more than 18 monthly payments. After such 5 years, any outstanding obligations under the ISA will be deemed cancelled.
  • If a student gets a job before graduation, he/she will not be considered withdrawn, and his/her obligations under the ISA will be due in full.

Full terms and conditions will be provided in a separate ISA.

In order to be approved for the Income Share Agreement applicants also have to pass certain criteria:

  1. US employment eligibility
  2. Legal US residency status
  3. Pass English test with a minimum 70% score
  4. Pass General questionnaire with a minimum 80% score
  5. Pass Documentation appraisal with 100% score

Good luck with your quiz and look forward to seeing you in our Bootcamp!

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