English for QA engineers

English for QA Engineers

English for QA engineers

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English for QA engineers

So, you want to become a software tester but don’t know whether you need to invest in improving your English skills or not. In a globalized, ever-growing world, proficiency in English is always a plus for engineers and QA testers. Besides being a plus for most recruiters and providing access to more opportunities, it allows you to keep up-to-date with new technologies.

If you think, that you need better English for QA engineering course, don’t worry. For studying at Test Pro, basic knowledge is enough. In the process of learning, you will learn all the tech terms that are needed for work, as well as raise your level of English.

English QA: Do you need English for your career?

Many factors come into play to answer this question.

Work From Home

As the number of employees who work from home increases, so does the need for learning English among developers and testers. Recruiters now headhunt top talent from all over the world, making it common to team up with coworkers from other countries. Having a basic language skills to communicate with your peers is key to increasing productivity and maintaining healthy, functional relationships within the company.

You have probably encountered hundreds of QA testing offers with a work-from-home policy. As much as you want to apply for the job, be realistic when hunting for a new position. Will you be able to communicate with the rest of the team? At the Test Pro QA Engineer courses, you will learn all the basic terms. In the process of learning, your level of English will grow, which will allow you to fully communicate in a team.

Programming language

If you are a coder, you already have a basic understanding of English. But upgrading your skills can make a difference in your code. For example:

  • Your lines of code become more logical and written in the order
  • Your business write-ups and reports become more attractive and valuable to the team
  • You can suggest ideas and participate in meetings
  • You can become a valuable member of the team, resulting in a promotion

And much more.

Standard language in top companies

Top companies like Google or Tesla share a common language within their workforce. If one of your long-term goals is to be part of these corporations, you need to level up your English for QA engineers. Not being proficient in this language can even prevent you from taking an interview and proving your competence in software testing.

English for software testers: TestPro English for QA program

What will you learn in our lessons at Test Pro course for QA engineers? You will learn how to communicate formally with your team in English, how to write organized and logical lines of code, basic and advanced grammar and punctuation, and more that you need to know in English for QA engineers.

Flexible schedule

Taking an online course offers flexibility regarding lessons and the schedule. While you want to learn English for software testers or QA engineers, your agenda is probably tight. We know that the tech industry can be very demanding and overwhelming.

With TestPro, all you need is less than two hours 3 times a week. Embrace the convenience of our weekday classes, carefully arranged with two one-hour early evening sessions each week, sparing you the need to take time off from work. Enjoy the flexibility of attending our weekend classes either on Saturday or Sunday, with the option to participate online or onsite. All teaching sessions are recorded, so if you ever miss one, there’s no problem catching up.

You decide when and where to take all these lessons and impove your English for QA!

Progress assessments

Becoming a proficient manual QA tester in the real world requires confidence during the selection process, particularly in interviews. At Test Pro, our comprehensive course not only equips you with essential testing skills but also enhances your English proficiency. The Test Pro lessons cover resume preparation, probable interview questions, and strategies for crafting winning responses. Our primary focus is to help you secure your ideal job with your best performance from the start. After following our expert facilitators’ lessons on various testing aspects, such as test documentation, modern application architecture, web and mobile applications, builds, databases, API testing, test automation, and writing smoke and regression tests, you’ll be well-equipped to discuss any QA-related topic in English.

Join whenever works best for you

You can start the course at any time you want. There is no restriction, all you need is a steady Internet connection and the motivation to learn. We at TestPro know how important flexibility and individuality are for software testers and engineers, and thus we provide the opportunity to begin whenever works best for you.

If you’re interested in leveling up your English skills for QA, make sure to check out TestPro’s courses. Fill out the Apply form and get detailed information on all Test Pro courses that will help you grow professionally and improve your English skills.


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