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The above listed institution TEST PRO LLC and student enter into agreement under which the student  will pay tuition and fees as indicated below. 


QA Engineer




$2,500 Online (“Upfront tuition option”) 


$300 Registration fee (upfront), 15% of post-program gross income in 24 monthly payments, capped at $19,995 Income Share Agreement (“ISA  tuition option” – see Payment, Withdrawal, and Refund Policy below)

Refund Policy 

See Refund Policy below, for 1 term of 12 weeks 


Schedule: 6:00 PM PST – 7:30 PM PST Tuesday, Thursday

                 10:00 AM PST – 11:30 AM PST Saturday (Note: Except US National holidays)

 4:30 hours weekly  


Start Date: May 8, 2021

Estimated Graduation Date: July 17, 2021


Payment due dates:

Pay in full before May 15, 2021

ISA option

$699 Registration Fee Pay in full before May 15, 2021

You will begin making payments on the first day of the month following after your first paycheck of  Industry Specific Earned Income (Information Technology).  

Full terms will be provided in separate INCOME SHARE AGREEMENT (ISA). Payments are collected by Leif, our ISA administrator, and students will be notified of forthcoming  collections.


Attendance is required and is monitored by school during streaming video classes and group meetings.  Attendance is critical to succeed in the program. 

Students may miss no more than three hours per month and are required to contact TEST PRO LLC.  Student Success team lead regarding missing hours.  

Course Certifications 

During the course, students will have several certification tests. Testing allows TEST PRO LLC to assess  student progress through the course, identify areas of practice and assign individual help. Graduation from the program requires successfully passed final mock-interview and approved student’s  resume. If TEST PRO LLC determines a student is falling behind in the course, a team lead member will  proactively reach out to the student about the best path forward. 

Code of Conduct 

To ensure student succeed, we have outlined several guiding rules to follow: 

Be punctual – TEST PRO LLC expects all students to be on-time to all scheduled classes and meetings, classes hours, job interviews, and other time-sensitive obligations. Punctuality and respect for others' time  is one of our maim principles. 

Participate – TEST PRO LLC expects each student to actively participate in the course by attending all  lectures, being present online during course hours or in person (for Hybrid type of course), engaging with  teachers and team leads, and collaborating with other students. Participating is the biggest indicator of  success. 

Complete All Coursework – TEST PRO LLC expects students to complete all assignments given as part  of the course. Repetition is key to solidifying the foundation of knowledge. 

Ask for Help – TEST PRO LLC encourages students to proactively reach out to teachers, team leads, or  fellow students for help. 

Be decent – TEST PRO LLC has a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism or cheating of any kind. Respect others – TEST PRO LLC students and staff have diverse backgrounds. Students are expected to  contribute into creating a positive environment for everyone by being respectful, tolerant, and open minded. TESTPRO LLC strives for a welcoming place to learn with encouragement, support, and active  listening. 

Be professional – TEST PRO LLC is a professional environment. Punctuality, timeliness, accountability,  and open communication are crucial, not only for student success at Basic QA Bootcamp, but also in  careers afterwards. Additionally, professionalism includes protecting internal intellectual property. No Harassment Policy – TEST PRO LLC is a place to learn. We aim to create an environment of mutual  trust and absence of intimidation, oppression, and exploitation. Students and staff should be able to work  and learn in a safe, stimulating atmosphere. As such, TEST PRO LLC follow the Code of Conduct and  will not tolerate any form of harassment, verbal or physical conduct, designed to threaten or intimidate others, which includes by is not limited to the following: Verbal harassment includes comments that are  offensive or unwelcome regarding a person’s nationality, origin, race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, body, disability or appearance, including epithets, slurs and negative stereotyping.  Nonverbal harassment includes distribution, display or discussion of any written or graphic material that ridicules, denigrates, insults, belittles or shows hostility, aversion or disrespect toward an individual or  group because of national origin, race, color, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy,  appearance, disability, sexual identity, marital or other protected status. 

Violations of the Code of Conduct may result in deferral or removal from the program. If removed from  the program for Code of Conduct reasons, students’ Income Share Agreement or tuition refund will be  prorated as described in the Payment, Withdrawal, and Refund Policy below.

Payment, Withdrawal, and Refund Policy 

  1. Income Share Agreements (“ISA tuition option”)  

 Full terms will be provided in separate INCOME SHARE AGREEMENT (ISA). B. Withdrawal and Refund Policy 

  1. A student who signs the Confirmation Form but cancels before the first 10 days of the class  receives a full refund, and ISA gets cancelled completely. 
  2. A student who signs the Confirmation Form and cancels between 10 days and end of the 4th  week of classes receives a prorated refund of upfront tuition if applicable, or prorated ISA  responsibility. 
  3. Student who gets removed from Basic QA Bootcamp due to violations of the Code of Conduct  will have his Income Share Agreements prorated as described above.  

Refund table (applicable to upfront tuition option): 

If termination occurs 


Student Refund

Prior to or during the first 10  days



During the period from 10  days to the end of the fourth  week



From beginning of fifth week 




С. 100% Money back guarantee in case of not finding a job within 1 year after graduation.  To be eligible for this program the student must satisfy all of the following requirements: a. Tuition fully paid before graduation 

  1. Attendance 90% 
  2. All homework should be submitted and accepted by Test Pro team 
  3. Student’s resume should be approved by Test Pro by the end of the bootcamp e. Final mock interview should be passed with approved resume 
  4. Student should proof 12 months of job search activity with 20 submitted applications per  week sent 
  5. Two face to face or technical phone interviews with hiring manager per month within 12  months or 12 onsite interviews in total. 

Although placement assistance services may be provided, the TEST PRO LLC cannot guarantee a job to  any student or graduate. TEST PRO LLC reserves the right to ask students to share their offer letter for  accepted jobs to seamlessly verify income (applicable to ISA option). 

Nondisclosure agreement 

TEST PRO may share data with the student for the purposes of learning process. All the data, learning materials, recorded classes, homework materials, etc. are copyrighted and fully  belong to TEST PRO. 

Any kind (commercial or non-commercial) of sharing this information by the undersigned Student  with a third party will be considered copyright infringement and will result in legal action. Confidential Information includes, without limitation  

  1. nonpublic information relating to TEST PRO learning process and business, and 
  2. third-party information that the TEST PRO is obligated to keep confidential. 

Indemnification. Student agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Discloser and its  Affiliates against any losses, damages, liabilities, assessments, costs, charges, or claims arising out of a breach of this Agreement by the student or its Representatives (including reasonable attorneys' fees). 

Student Consent 

By my signature, I agree to the conditions of this agreement. I also verify that I have read and received a  copy of this agreement and the school catalog. 

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