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Become a QA Automation Engineer and make $100,000/year or more! No coding experience required.

Learn in the first free lesson what it means to be a QA Automation Engineer. Our goal is your new job!

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What is this lesson about and what are you going to learn?

According to there are 7,774 unfulfilled jobs in automation testing with average annual salary of around $100,000. In this first lesson, you will learn how to become a successful QA Automation Engineer in just 2 months. This includes information on the skills and knowledge required for QA Automation Engineers, the job duties and responsibilities of a QA Automation Engineer, and the potential career paths and opportunities available in this field.

Who is a QA Automation Engineer?

The teacher will tell you about what QA Automation Engineers do and why after our course you will be ready to start a new stage in your career as a tester!

Real projects and practice

During the lesson, the teacher will tell you about the course program and the necessary tools. Already in the first lesson you will have practice - you will start learning Java!

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Limited time deal to enroll in immersive QA Automation bootcamp with 100% practice-driven program!

Open Q&A Session

You have the opportunity to ask questions and receive guidance from the instructor on how to start a career in QA Automation testing

Meet your teacher

Azat Zakuanov

Founder of TEST PRO. Certified QA Engineer from ISTQB. He made a career from scratch to the Head of the Testing Department at Thrive Market.

Azat Zakuanov

Who is this lesson for?

Who is this lesson for?

  • Manual QA Engineers who have no experience in Test Automation but want to boost up the compensation to over $100k per year.
  • Software testing beginners who want to learn more how to gain a competitive edge in the job market.
  • Trained candidates who want to master their current Javascript and Selenium skill to gain more confidence.
  • Skilled candidates who are looking for new job opportunities.
Who is this lesson for?

Companies that have been hiring our students

As the leading bootcamp for future QA Automation engineers our methodology has helped hundreds of students land their dream jobs at top tech companies.

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Learn how to boost your career in only 2 months!

Join us for the first free lesson to get valuable insights and expert advice on:

  • What do QA Automation Engineers do
  • Why and how you can earn $100,000 per year
  • How to become job-ready for the new position in only 2 months
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