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The leading
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No coding experience required. Keep your day job with part-time schedule and weekend classes. Job placement assistance. Scholarships and funding options available. Fully online with live instruction.



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Master essential QA tools and skills

The program provides a practical and comprehensive skill set that covers essential tools in the QA field. You will learn how to work with tools such as JIRA, TestLink, Wiki, Mind Maps, and Charles Proxy. These skills will prepare you for day-to-day work in the industry.

Jumpstart your career in QA

The training is career-oriented and prepares graduates for jobs in the $35-$50/hour range. With an emphasis on practical skills and real-world experience, graduates excel in their desired careers.

Gain real-world experience

The focus of our program is for students to gain essential skills needed, not only for job duties but also to ace the QA interview. After this course you can expect to find a job within the $35-$50/hour range!

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For beginners

Quality Assurance Engineer

Start a career in Software Testing with no prior coding experience in just 2 months

  • 8 weeks
    + internship
  • Online Sessions
  • from $139
For advanced

Software Development Engineer in Test

Launch your career in QA right to six figures with SDET program

  • 9 weeks
    + internship
  • Online Sessions
  • from $209

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Students recommend us

QA Automation Engineer

I received answers for all of my questions before the bootcamp even started

I can honestly say that these guys care and are willing to help you all the way until you find your dream job.

QA Engineer

I got 2 offers and then got
my job in 2 weeks

My favorite thing in this course was the amount of real-life practice and every day control from the teachers .

QA Analyst

You make my vision of QA very clear

I feel like the last couple of years I really was working on projects! It gives me more confidence and understanding of workflows. And I made a lot of friends and good people here!


Can you become a QA tester without experience?

Yes. In fact, that is the primary goal of online courses and bootcamps in software testing and QA engineering. That said, you will gain real experience in our bootcamp. We focus on hands-on projects and help you build a portfolio to impress potential hirers. It’s not about theoretical learning but acquiring real experience.

How long does it take to become a software tester?

If you opt for formal education, it can take years. On the other hand, you will complete our online QA engineering and software testing courses in three months. Thanks to our regular meetings and team collaboration, you will become a Quality Assurance specialist in the short term.

What is the average salary of QA testers?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for software developers, QA testers, and QA analysts was $110,140 in May 2020.

What is the best QA bootcamp to land a job?

A good QA bootcamp is one that focuses on fast and practical learning. It’s one that guarantees real possibilities of finding a job after completing the education. You want to focus on gaining experience and participating in dynamic and valuable learning.

Does completing a software bootcamp guarantee you a job?

The vast majority of bootcamp students land a job after graduating. Our courses focus on teaching you the necessary skills and tools to ace the tech interviews (which are hard!) and get hired. Thanks to our focus on building a portfolio and acquiring experience via real-life projects, you are more likely than other bootcamp students to stand out in a tech-position interview. You are likely to work in one of your dream companies: Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, or Alphabet (that is, Google!).

What to study to become a QA specialist, tester, or engineer?

Most companies don’t require a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree to hire you as a QA employee. However, if you count on a BA’s or MA’s in Computer Science, Big Data, or Engineering, your chances of succeeding are higher – The sole reason is that you will have more knowledge of the tech basics.

Do you need to learn coding to be a QA tester?

Broadly speaking, you do need to learn to code. You will work closely with programmers and review the code to ensure the product works fine. You don’t need to be the best in this field, but you do need to grasp the basics. But don’t worry. We will help you figure things out, even if you begin from scratch.

I live far away from the Test Pro site, can I take my course entirely online?

Yes, you can! We understand that there is a global demand for Test Pro courses, so we've made sure our programs can be taken 100% remotely. Onsite classes are only an option for those who live nearby and prefer them.

Is manual QA tester training the only study I can undertake at Test Pro?

No, at Test Pro we’re a full-service QA learning institution. We offer dedicated courses in QA manual testing, Software development engineering (SDET), and as an online learning college with students from across the globe, we also offer an English for QAs course.

I can't decide which Test Pro study option is the best for me, can you help?

Yes we can. If you’re sure which of our exciting learning opportunities you’re most interested in, you can submit an online application query and let the Test Pro team counsel you through the options.

Does Test Pro offer any financial assistance to cover the course fees for your manual QA bootcamp?

Absolutely, providing you live in the United States and are either a citizen or permanent resident, Test Pro has several funding options that could be available to you. Once you’ve secured your spot in our bootcamp, schedule a one to one call with our admissions officer to discuss your financial situation. Our most popular financing option is Test Pro loans provided through Credit Club that cover 100% of tuition costs.

Can I apply to work at Test Pro?

Yes, and we’d love to have you. We’re so confident of our teaching methods, course facilitators, course content, and their job ready potential, that Test Pro advertises all our open job positions on our website and encourage any graduates of our learning programs to apply.

Learn more

Software Testing Course in 2024

Are you ready to switch careers and make a living from tech? That’s where QA (Quality Assurance) specialists come in. If you want to learn about software testing and land a job right after completing a bootcamp, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll learn about the different QA specialties and how to become an expert in these fields with the best courses. But let’s begin with the basics.

What is Quality Assurance?

As its name suggests, QA stands for ensuring the final product is ready for users. In the tech world, that means that applications and devices are bug-free. It gives the company and the product credibility, and users have the guarantee that they won’t waste their money. Quality Assurance is about meeting the expectations and needs of customers regarding design, functionality, durability, and price.

Quality Assurance in Software Testing

Once you become a tester, you will be responsible for improving the software development process, which contains different phases: Defining the requirements and analyzing needs, Studying the feasibility, Designing the product, Coding the product, Testing the product, Installing the product, Maintaining the product after the launch. As a QA tester, you will work closely with programmers, marketers, and developers. It’s a teamwork position.

QA Tester Salary

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for software developers, QA testers, and QA analysts was $110,140 in May 2020. Stats also expect the number of positions to grow by over 20% by 2030 as technology becomes more ingrained in our modern society. It’s uncontroversial to say that becoming a QA tester is a safe bet.

QA training and placement for beginners

Do you need a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree to become a Quality Assurance specialist and find a good job? No, you can become a software tester even if you are a beginner – all you need is training and real practice. Tech companies don’t care so much about degrees but that you can solve problems and implement solutions. Therefore, experience in real-life projects is the number one requirement when choosing a QA training course. The vast majority of bootcamp students land a job after graduating. Our courses focus on teaching you the necessary skills to ace the tech interviews (which are known to be hard!) and get hired. Thanks to our focus on building a portfolio and acquiring experience via real-life projects, you are more likely than other bootcamp students to stand out in a tech-position interview. Some of our students have landed jobs in the most prestigious tech companies, the famous FAANG: Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Alphabet (which stands for Google).

The complete 2024 software testing bootcamp

The tech market lacks qualified professionals, even when more people are now switching careers to tech. The educational institutions don’t seem to prepare candidates well enough to do their job, so bootcamps were born as a means to solve this issue. Our QA engineer bootcamp focus on teaching what large companies seek from potential candidates. You won’t waste time learning unnecessary skills but rather work on real-life projects and build an impressive portfolio. Our QA training courses are defined by: Very intensive learning in the short-term (3 months); A focus on acquiring necessary and practical skills; Learning by doing – It’s time to solve real problems and gain experience; Preparing you for future job interviews to land a job. And the best part is that you don’t need a background in tech. All we require from you is a passion for software and the will to make a well-paid career in one of the most demanded positions.

What do you learn in our QA testing courses?

We offer two different levels for you to make a career in tech.

Level 1 - QA Engineer Courses

This training course is perfect for beginners. You will learn the basics of Quality Assurance engineering. You will cover the following topics in the course of three weekly sessions: SDLC and STLC, Test Documentation, Types of Testing, Modern Application Architecture, Web Applications, Mobile Applications, Builds, Databases, API Testing, Write Smoke and Regression, Test Automation Basics, QA Interview preparation.

Level 2 - SDET Courses

You will learn QA Engineer Fundamentals, Java Core (4 weeks), Selenium WebDriver (6 weeks) and Bonus - Mobile Test Automation Basics: installation, configuration, elements

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