Aiaz S
QA Engineer, Los Angeles

Thanks Azat for a very clear and intensive course) Thanks team! I've graduated and found a job very quickly because of Test Pro!

Nurzhan A
QA Tester

Azat and Test Pro helped me to get a job in as QA tester! The class was easy to understand even without any prior experience! Good luck and thanks a lot!

Sabina D
SDET, Chicago

Thank you TestPro so much for support and great practice. I would have not done it without you. I accepted offer and strating my first QA job next month

Irina R
QA Analyst

I want to say HUGE THANKS! I cannot believe it has happened to me! I'm 52 and I think I'm the most senior student in Test Pro ) You guys are unbelievably great! I'm still shocked 🙂 I've been in USA for around a year. I lost any hope because I thought that janitor is the only job for me here. But you guys gave me that hope back and now I got my first QA job in a major bank! +1000 to your Carma!

Rufat N
QA Analyst, Los Angeles

Test Pro has managed to create not just a great product but customer support as well! It is not that difficult to create a good product these days because everything is available online. Sales are manageable too. But after-sales service is what really makes the difference.

QA Engineer, Seattle

I've been on the market for a year after another QA school and had 0 offers. I didn't even have any face-to-face interviews! After Test Pro I got 3 F2F and one offer in just two weeks! It was such a waste of time with that first school!

Gulmira N
QA Analyst, Las Vegas

Thank you, Denis! I would never find a QA job after another boot camp that I took! I am joining your Automation course now. Be prepared to hear a lot of questions from me as usually 🙂 Next destination - Test Automation!

Dmitry Y
QA Analyst, Louisville

I got to know about Software Quality Assurance because of Portnov Computer School but Test Pro helped me to get into it. Marina pushed me to the limits, so I could get that opportunity. The least thing I can do now is to spread the word about Test Pro!

Maria K
QA Automation Engineer, Los Angeles

I made it! I'm so happy to share the latest news! I've achieved one the most important goals for this year! After three months of intensive boot camp I got promoted to QA Automation Engineer! It is another level of my career. I'm so-so-sooo happy! Thanks Test Pro and Azat!

Nadia M
Software Developer in Test, Los Angeles

I was surprised by how the complexity of the course auto adjusts to the level and professional interest of each student. If the goal is to learn test automation 101 and penetrate the market – the boot camp is for you. If you already have significant experience but want to learn some specific skills – the boot camp is for you as well. I’ve been working almost a decade in test engineering, including low-level automation, and have seen so many un-scalable, poorly implemented, crappy testing frameworks… Don’t go that road, go to TestPro way instead.

Tanya K
QA Engineer, Washington DC

My first work day of 8 and a half hours has gone. A lot of work - Automation, Mobile, Web. Browserstack, Postman, Jira, Selenium, Oracle DB... It was so cool to realize that all they showed to me today I already knew and worked with. Marina explained and showed it all during the course and now it is the same but all day long. And the secret about QA job - I liked it so much! It is just WOW! I had no single question today. We know everything. I'm so grateful to Test Pro team for that. No fear! PS: And dresses are allowed 🙂

Max O
QA Automation Engineer, Poland

Hello guys, I sent my resume to 30 companies within 4 weeks. Got calls from about half of them and has been in about ten recruitment processes and still are. Moreover I have already failed 3 interviews 🙁 On Wednesday I also had two F2F, one is to an automation API tester and another one to some automation position front-end and back-end, where I answered about 25% questions with "I don't know, I never used it". And the next day I had got two job offers 🙂 Actually, I thought job search would take more time then that, but anyway I'm happy and now only need to choose! Thank you all of you!!! 🙂

Current student

I was referred by my friend who could easily find a job after your course and heard a lot of positive words from different people about you. I've graduated from another well-known QA school and they advertise that everyone will find a job... But in reality only 5 out of 130 managed to pass interviews. You don't have to even answer me, please just sign me up for your next course

Taty G
QA Engineer, Irvine

I graduated from another boot camp few months ago and was struggling with a job search. Now I've successfully passed an interview and was able to answer all questions including "how would you debug UI/API/Database?". They asked a lot about my project that I worked on. I could tell them anything about Jira. So I got an offer from the very first attempt! Thanks Test Pro team!

Vlad E
QA Analyst, Los Angeles

I was lucky and happy be your student. You make my vision of QA very clear. I feel like the last couple of years I really was working on projects! It gives me more confidence and understanding of workflows. And I found a lot of friends and good people here!

QA Analyst, Los Angeles

My first course has just ended. Test Pro is a such an amazing company. They explained everything so well and we had tons of practice with Jira, databases and many other tools. On top of that they host a lot of useful webinars and live meetups - those are not a part of the course but you can watch participate on your spare time

Dennis D
Sr QA Engineer, Los Angeles

We came up with the name "Hedgehogs in the fog" for our Scrum team in Test Pro and had Zoom calls every day. It was so helpful - we prepared each other for the interview, answered all questions etc. The result is 9 out of 11 got already hired! Unbelievable! Those two are not on the market yet, so it would be hard for them to get it LOL

Yana V
QA Analyst, Fort Lauderdale

Hi! I had an interview today in a company. They called me in ONE hour and gave me an offer! I'm so happy! Thank you guys for everything! You are cool! I'm planning to drive to Tampa tomorrow for a meetup to see you in person. Thanks a lot one more time and keep doing what you are doing!

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