Shift Left Testing: A Guide To Improving Your QA

IT companies today have a lot of competition during the release of a new product because everyone wants to have low costs, but increase income and have an accelerated output of the product. Because of this, most testers implement the shift left strategy, thanks to which companies can perform testing in the early stages of […]

End-to-End Testing VS Integration Testing : What Will Be Your Choice?

The world of software is really dynamic, so the reliability of applications is of prime importance. To guarantee the smooth functioning of the system, there are two main aspects of software testing. These are end-to-end testing (E2E) and integration testing. Both are high-level tests and are therefore critical to proving the reliability and performance of […]

Best Quality Assurance (QA) Certifications For Software Testing Professionals

The world of software is quite competitive, and to stand out from the crowd, you need to stand out with something special. You may possess some unique skills, or you may demonstrate the accumulation of experience through QA certifications. In this article, we will look at some of the best QA certifications, find out their […]

Top 5 Ways To Make Your QA Career Path Successful

If you are determined to become a QA tester but are afraid of making a mistake and becoming a failure, then you better fill your chest full of air and exhale now. Why? Well, first of all, this way you can take a breath and calm down, and another reason is to stop being afraid […]

Intelligent Test Automation: a New Trend in the World of QA

It’s no secret that the field of QA is constantly evolving. And in search of new, much more effective and accelerated approaches to testing, a revolutionary trend appeared – intelligent test automation. Thanks to such a revolution, humanity opens a new era where artificial intelligence takes the lead in testing processes. In this article, we’ll […]

Testers In The Field Of IT: Requirements And Disclosure Of New Opportunities

If you have chosen the job of a tester, then, most likely, you are a fanatic of logic puzzles and possess critical thinking. Most importantly, you know how to put yourself in the shoes of a user who can study a site, program or play a game, where you, as a tester, try to find […]

Quality Assurance VS Software Testing: What Will Be Your Final Choice?

If you’ve always wanted to work in software development, you’ve definitely come across two terms – quality assurance (QA) and software testing. These concepts are often intertwined, so most beginners may find themselves confused by these two different terms. In order to avoid this, we suggest that you take a look at this article, where […]

The Future Of Quality Assurance Testing: What Changes To Expect In The Technical World?

We live in the 21st century and everything around us is developing almost at the speed of light. But do you know that it is the technical world that develops first of all. Thanks to innovation and breakthrough technology, this rapid progress may include improvements in software, algorithms, or other technical aspects. For technical progress, […]

Becoming the Perfect Tester: Key Skills for Success

With the development of the field of software testing, the need for qualified testers who are able and ready to provide the consumer with a high-quality product is also growing. And depending on whether you want to become a quality assurance (QA) tester, an automation tester, a software tester, a game tester, or even a […]

Manual Testing Course for Beginners

If you decide to dive into the world of quality assurance (QA) and learn manual testing, then you are in luck! Test Pro offers a unique opportunity for those who have just entered this field or want to enter. Our goal is to equip you with the essential skills needed to effectively navigate the world […]