A simple guide to Testpad

A simple guide to Testpad

When it comes to testing knowing where to focus your attention can be a challenge right? After all, bugs are meant to be plentiful in the early stages of any project, but not all of them are operation-impairing bugs, and some of them simply matter more, that’s just a fact. Now what if we told you there was a way to know where to focus your attention first? If that’s something that sounds interesting to you then make sure to keep on reading as we cover what Testpad is and how it can help you.


What is Testpad?

Testpad describes itself as a Test Plan tool, meant to optimize manual testing operations by letting its users know what bugs they need to focus on first, and in general how many tasks they have left to complete.

Of course, what makes Testpad different is that, unlike other more traditional methods like Excel or Google Docs, Testpad is a completely interactive tool that you can filter, sort, and organize to your needs. Different users can all upload and review their test cases on a single centralized platform, as well as upload all relevant media and attachments to it.

Once the test case is on testpad anybody can take a look at the case, and it even allows the user to invite further testers if needed and in general gives teams a proper blank board to work and organize their operations from. As the developers themselves say testpad is kind of a spreadsheet-checklist hybrid on steroids, and that’s a lot of convenience for your team.

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What Testpad alternatives are there?

Testpad of course isn’t the only test planner management tool in the market, and there are other testpad alternative solutions that you might be interested in like:

  • Zephyr
  • TestRail
  • PractiTest
  • MicroFocus
  • SpiraTest

The main difference however is the specific niche Testpad aims to fulfill. Unlike some of the other programs in the list, Testpad is both relatively simple and very affordable. The software first and foremost aims to be an upgraded solution to using Excel or other standard office programs, but it’s not aiming to be a massive powerhouse that binds and connects with all of your testing applications:

Testpad is a tool for manual testing that requires manual input, allowing teams to organize their projects much better on a budget, but it’s not attempting to make your entire testing process an optimized factory line that requires zero human intervention.

A Simplified Testpad tutorial

If you’ve ever used Excel or Google Documents then you already know what to expect and you won’t need a Testpad tutorial. The first thing to consider with TEstpad and most other test management software is that the number of users is key. You’ll of course need to have at least one user, but you might have many more beyond that one.

Once you have decided how many users you’ll need and organized their accounts then all that is left is simply manual inputting. By default, Testpad has its templates that support direct copypasting from Excel, Word, and other text-based programs, as well as integrated attachment solutions for testers to upload any required screenshots, videos, or other proof they might need.

However, it is in its integrated templates or categories where Testpad begins to shine. Properly classifying each new test case will allow the teams to identify them and sort them based on urgency, risk, or complexity. That means that every single member of the team will have more information on the entire process, and you can even build your templates to optimize work further or create your organizational method.


What are Testpad pricing plans?

Testpad pricing plans start as low as $15 and go as high as $249 depending on what the scale and need of your operations are:

  • Custom: Starting from just $15 a month this flexible license plan allows teams to choose every last detail of their subscription based on their unique needs.
  • Essential: For $49 a month you get 3 users, as well as email support and report sharing.
  • Team: $99 a month gives you access to all of the above but for 10 users, as well as new features in the way of image attachment and guest testers.
  • Department: $249 a month provides all of the above but for 25 testers at a time.


Who is Testpad for?

Testpad is software meant for manual testing teams who want to organize their test cases more efficiently.

How many users will I need?

That depends on the extent of your operations, but having at least one for each dedicated team might be a good idea.

Can Testpad automate reports?

No, Testpad is fully meant for manual testing.

Why is Testpad so affordable compared to its competition?

Testpad is at the end of the day still a manual solution, so it doesn’t have more complicated features like API integration that raise the price of products considerably.

The bottom line

Testpad shines for being an affordable and efficient solution to test case management, and its simplicity doesn’t change the fact that its clever design has consistently gotten great reviews from verified users all over the internet. Of course, Testpad is just one of the countless tools you can use for QA testing, so if you want to learn more about QA testing and its tools don’t forget to check our blog regularly.


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