All about Xray for Jira

All about Xray for Jira

Where the word Jira is heard, Xray is not too far behind, but what does this mean for the average QA tester? Well, that’s what today’s article is all about, understanding what Xray for Jira offers and why it’s such a popular pick all over the world. So if you want to become an Xray and Jira expert overnight, this will be the best first step to begin your journey.


What is Xray test management for Jira?

Most of what Xray Test Management for Jira means and does is already said in the name, so let’s try to unpack what each part of that sentence means. As the description itself implies Xray is an additional feature you can add to your existing infrastructure, and it’s famously a native add-on, meaning that it works seamlessly on every single level and is the default solution for any Jira users.

Now, as to what it specifically does it’s a test manager, which means that it’s a tool that allows multiple individuals to compile test case information on a single interface, allowing everybody on the team to efficiently access this information as well as filter it. It’s an archive for all the work your team does, but interactive and constantly updated, which does a lot to help efficiency in the workplace.

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Understanding the Xray testing tool

The best part about the Xray testing tool is that it builds on all the existing knowledge and methodology testers already employ all over the world. The idea for Xray is simple, it takes all that paperwork that you are doing manually or on Excel and gives you a proper platform to upload it. But ultimately you are still writing test plans, test reports, and so on. Just in a platform that makes said information accessible in a matter of seconds and saves everybody on the team loads of time.

Why is Xray test management so popular?

The main reason why Xray test management is so popular is quite simply because Jira is very popular itself. As we mentioned above Xray is a native application for Jira, and this means that as far as compatibility goes, it works perfectly.

Xray of course is not the only test management software in the market. and almost any of them worth their reputations will offer Jira compatibility to some degree. Xray however offers the confidence that it will work immediately, flawlessly, and with next to no setup. That is ultimately the appeal of Xray, and why it’s such a mainstay in the QA testing landscape.

Is an Xray certification test a good investment?

While your certifications and specializations are a very personal matter and depend on your priorities as well as your immediate work landscape we can guarantee one thing: You’ll run into a lot of employers who use Xray.

Xray is everywhere in the QA testing world, and while of course, it’s not the sole option in the market it is one of the most popular ones. So any proof that you are already good at using the platform will look good in your profile. Though how important this is to spend time and money on it is as we already told you, a very personal choice.

Is Xray testing any different?

Not at all, which is another major advantage to Xray. Xray works and operates based on Jira, which is already a very common software on the medium. And ultimately as an organizational tool, the way you interact with Jira is based on all the theory you learned when you began your career as a QA tester. So one way or another if you already know how to do your job, adapting to Xray will take next to no time at all.


Yes of course. Most test management software will be designed with Jira compatibility in mind.

In software native means that the program was designed to run with a specific operating system or infrastructure in mind. In short, Xray is 100% designed around Jira.

The pricing of test management software is usually a complex matter that varies based on the number of users and the type of server. You can get an accurate estimate on the official Xray site, but trials start as low as $10.

Efficiency and approachability mostly. With raw information it’s not possible to escalate issues or rank bugs in order of importance, test management software completely changes the way a team approaches testing as well as how they share their results.

The bottom line

As a native test management solution for Jira, there’s no denying that Xray is and will continue to be one of the most popular options in the market. The good news however is that Xray is super intuitive to use, and any tester will be able to adapt to it in next to no time. So if you are one of those testers who love to stay at the vanguard we invite you to head to our blog or our courses to learn even more about this incredible field.

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