Becoming the Perfect Tester: Key Skills for Success

What are the important QA tester skills

With the development of the field of software testing, the need for qualified testers who are able and ready to provide the consumer with a high-quality product is also growing. And depending on whether you want to become a quality assurance (QA) tester, an automation tester, a software tester, a game tester, or even a manual tester, having the right skill set is critical to success in this dynamic industry.

In this article, we will give advice on what key skills will help you in various testing roles, and also explain why Test Pro is the best fit for those who plan to connect their life with the field of software testing.


What are the important QA tester skills?

The main task of a QA tester is to identify and correct defects in software, thus ensuring high quality and reliability of the product. This profession is very serious, so the main skills of a QA tester include:

1. Analytical skills

One of the skills needed for a QA tester is the ability to analyze and identify problems that can be encountered in software development, as well as to find solutions to these problems.

2. Communication skills

You won’t be a complete QA tester if you don’t have communication skills. You must be able to communicate with developers or other team members.

3. Effective use of test management tools

Of course, there are a good deal of automation and bug tracking tools that testers use on a regular basis. You don’t need to know all of them, but you need to know 1-2. It can be, for example, PractiTest, Zephyr or Test Collab.

4. Technical skills

A basic understanding of programming and languages is necessary for a QA tester, so if you are already familiar with at least one such as Java, C#, HTML or Python, it is already wonderful.

What are automation tester required skills?

The main task of test automation is to perform development tasks, develop a testing strategy with the practice of using special tools, report on problems and ensure that these problems are corrected in a timely manner.

In general, this is one of the most interesting types of testers, so if you want to work in this field, you should know about the necessary automation tester skills:

1. Professional programming skills

An automation tester must know programming languages that are commonly used for automation. For example: Java, Python, C# or Ruby.

2. Application programming interfaces (API) testing

A true automation tester should have experience testing APIs (application programming interfaces) using tools such as Postman or Representational State Transfer (REST) Assured.

3. Continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD):

Another requirement for being an automation tester is to have experience with CI/CD tools such as Jenkins or GitLab CI for automated test execution.

4. Collaboration skills

For an automation tester, it is important to be able to find collaboration with people, because for any successful development project, communication and interaction between the team is an important key.

What are crucial skills for a software tester?

The role of a software tester is actually important for the functionality of software products. By checking the software for errors, software testers guarantee the safety and quality of the product.

There are several main skills for a software tester in order to become a professional in this field:

1. Attention to details

For a software tester, it is very necessary to be able to thoroughly analyze and test the software to detect any minor defects or inconsistencies.

2. Proficiency in programming languages

A good software tester should know various programming languages and be familiar with such test frameworks and tools as Appium, LoadRunner and TestRail, etc.

3. Knowledge of testing methodology

Keep in mind that to work as a software tester, you must have experience with Agile methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban. If you are familiar with other Agile methods, it will be a big plus for you.

4. Education requirements

As a software tester, you must have a degree in cybersecurity or a related field. And with a certificate, you can improve your qualifications and demonstrate experience.

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What are game tester required skills?

Game testing is one of the most interesting types of testing. For this profession, it is necessary to have not only an addiction to games, but also unique skills that will help in a deep understanding of the principle of the game, design or identifying a problem that can be encountered during the passage of the game.

Key game tester skills are as follows:

1. Problem solving skills

Video game testers have to think creatively, because sometimes you can run into very unexpected problems during testing. Therefore, it is better for you to think outside the box.

2. Adaptability

If you want to work as a video game tester, you will need the ability to test games on different platforms, operating systems and devices.

3. Fundamental understanding of coding

On a note, this is not a basic skill, but it is thanks to it that your skill level can increase. If you have a fundamental understanding of coding and programming languages (for example: Python, C++ or C#), then you will be able to understand more about the game development process and find bugs more effectively.

4. Knowledge of basic testing tools

If you plan to become a game tester, then you should be well versed in tools like Unity and Unreal Engine. In addition, you need to be familiar with case management tools like JIRA or Zephyr for effective bug tracking and reporting.

What are the necessary manual tester skills?

Manual testing is still a key aspect of the testing process and serves as a foundation for many professionals. Manual testers provide a practical understanding of the software, carefully approach testing and most importantly – stimulate interaction with the user. Key skills for manual tester are the following:

1. Focus on accuracy

For a manual tester, accuracy is the main priority when performing tasks. Accuracy should be in everything: accuracy in steps of action, accuracy in checking. Thanks to this learning, manual testers can detect even those discrepancies that no one previously noticed.

2. Patience and perseverance

The work of a manual tester requires patience, because you will perform repetitive tasks and be ready for it. Also, manual testers must diligently search for and report defects.

3. Attention to detail

If you work as a manual tester, then you have to carefully study each component of the software application to ensure the overall quality of the software by troubleshooting.

4. Domain knowledge

With domain knowledge, a manual tester can more easily identify critical test scenarios and potential risks.

‍As you can see, the field of software testing is quite vast and diverse. This diversity opens up new opportunities for testers. If you want to make your mark in software development, then register for a free webinar from Test Pro and start thriving as a successful tester today!


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