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Work on Real Projects

Learning curves are more challenging when the course work is not applicable to the real world. For this reason, we collaborate with several commercial projects, as well as with open source ones, to ensure our students are able to apply all course work to future work opportunities.

We teach what we use

We are hands-on QA professionals and we are giving students the tools they need for the day-to-day working environment. You will learn how to work with JIRA, TestLink, Wiki, Mind Maps, Charles Proxy, Postman, Visual Studio Code, Browser console, and many more!

Get a Job

The main goal of our QA Bootcamp is to land you your first job as a QA professional. Thus, the focus of our program is for students to gain essential skills needed, not only for job duties but also to ace the QA interview. After this course you can expect to find a job within $35-$50/hour range!

QA Manual Tester

You’re ready for a career change, interested in the innovative tech sector, but lack even basic coding skills? If this sounds like you, then Test Pro has an attractive solution, and one that could see you earning an average hourly wage of up to $50 after just a few month’s study. Our QA Manual Tester bootcamp is your entry point into the exciting and lucrative world of software testing and quality assurance. This intensive and immersive course is designed to equip you with all the skills necessary to become a QA manual tester in only 9 weeks. With industry plaudits including a place in Career Karma’s Top 6 Best Software Bootcamps, our US based bootcamp is a superior, self-paced vocational learning opportunity, accessible virtually from anywhere in the world. Curious as to how to become a proficient and profitable manual tester in under three months, then read on to discover how Test Pro’s bootcamp is quality assured to get you a job in this dynamic field and a career change for the better.

Table of contents

What does a QA manual tester do

Technology and the software that drives it informs much of what we do in our modern lives, and is present in many of the services and products we use. From communicating with others, to operating our numerous devices, appliances, modes of transportation, and performing an exhaustive range of other applications relevant to every day life, we are increasingly reliant on technology that functions well, and hopefully provides an accelerated UX. Quality assurance refers to the role undertaken by junior software testers, QA engineers, and manual testing professionals. It involves working in close communication with software developers, architects, and marketers, to ensure a finished product that is of the highest error-free standard possible. As just about every corner of any industry now relies on quality assurance manual testers, in conjunction with automated quality assurance, to test their product, the scope for personal and professional development that arises from manual QA tester training is almost infinite.

Manual testers in high demand

Manual testing jobs provide a junior manual tester and our fortunate Test Pro graduates, with high earning potential, greater employment security, and the potential to upskill and work in other affiliated roles. As was discussed in a Forbes Technology Council review, manual tester jobs have a secure and lucrative future in the industry, as the quality assurance processes performed by humans cannot be accurately and effectively replicated by robotic process automation, machine learning, and AI.

Manual tester advantages over automated testing include:

  • cost effective, especially for smaller jobs
  • can complete random testing
  • can incorporate human emotion and thought
  • produces less errors
  • applicable to more test situations
  • no programming knowledge required
  • more easily adapted than test scripts

Test Pro’s manual tester bootcamp thus provides the basis for a career change that could see you earning more, experiencing elevated job satisfaction and security, and engaging in an expanding industry that provides a range of exciting professional prospects for your future.

Manual QA course

Graduates of Test Pro’s manual QA course are in high industry demand, with 79% of our students securing a job in quality assurance within three months of completing the course. This is attributable to the integrative Test Pro teaching method, that combines self-paced online study, with simulated work experience on real projects, and a focus on the development of job-ready skills. Here’s some of the diverse behemoth tech companies that Test Pro QA manual course attendees have gained employment with:

  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Bank of America
  • Facebook
  • ABC Television
  • General Electric
  • ATT
  • Walt Disney
  • Chase
  • PlayStation

Quality assurance manual

The Test Pro junior manual QA training program provides an in-depth curriculum aimed at maximizing the job readiness of our students in a minimal time frame. The course is structured to deliver a smart integration of an intensive examination of the tools, methodologies, and practices, associated with quality assurance manual, with experiential participation in open source commercial projects. This combination of theory and work placement is designed to best equip our students with the skills and confidence they require to confidently assume a junior manual tester role once they have completed the training. One of the biggest advantages of the Test Pro manual QA bootcamp, is that it is designed to work in tandem with the busy schedule many of you already have in place. You won’t be required to take time off from work as weekday classes are scheduled for twice-weekly one-hour early evening sessions. Weekend classes can be flexibly attended on either Saturday or Sunday, and are available both online and onsite. All teaching sessions are recorded, so if you ever miss one, there’s no problem catching up.

Manual QA training

The Test Pro approach to how to become a manual QA tester is industry applauded for its immersive and carefully curated curriculum, dedicated and expert teaching staff, and responsive teaching methods. Our focus is on intensive learning and the acquisition of the necessary and practical skills involved in becoming a QA engineer. Test Pro taps into the problem solving aptitudes of our students, and encourages them to become solution based in their approach. Our intensive course condenses what more traditional institutions may teach over the course of years into a few short months. Test Pro tutors are committed to helping all our students achieve their full potential, which is why they’re always on hand to offer individual guidance where requested. As we are a learning center that aspires to assisting our graduates to gain employment in their dream roles, our course also provides components that focus on the all important interview process. Building a student’s confidence and skill level in acing job interviews is as important as consolidating their theoretical and practical understandings of what a QA engineer manual tester role will entail.

How to become a manual QA tester

Of course becoming a manual QA tester in the real world requires a confidence with the selection process that lies at the heart of every job prospect, the interview. The Test Pro interview component of the course covers resume preparation, probable interview questions and how to craft winning responses. It provides an overview of the interview process, as well as testing you in a mock interview conducted with our mentors. As our focus at Test Pro is getting you into your ideal job, we want you to be show up your best, first time. Of course once you’ve followed our facilitators expert lessons on type of testing, test documentation, modern application architecture, web and mobile applications, builds, databases, API testing, test automation, write smoke and regression, there’s barely an aspect of manual QA that you won’t be able to discuss in detail under interview conditions.

Junior manual QA engineers in demand

With the State of Testing report confirming an organizational shift away from large-scale traditional script based testing and towards practical and documented testing, the Test Pro manual QA course is the perfect opportunity for the beginner manual tester in training to take part in the evolution of quality assurance manual testing that is sweeping today’s tech sector. The appeal of Test Pro’s manual testing for beginners is that it’s specially designed for people who have little or no experience in the technology field. Test Pro values student curiosity over coding experience, critical thinking capacity over programming proficiency, and enthusiasm over prior learning qualifications. We don’t ask that our students have a university degree or any other academic qualifications, we place no restrictions on the age of enrolling students, and our courses are offered at a cost that’s affordable to many. Test Pro believes that by placing fewer barriers to learning on our students, we offer an inclusive environment in which every aspiring QA manual tester can excel in their newly chosen career.

Manual testing for beginners

Interested in the exciting prospects of earning a living as a manual QA tester but find the associated terminologies unfamiliar or a little daunting? With Test Pro you can be confident that our teaching staff are experts in delivering course material that is comprehensible to the beginner as well as being comprehensive. Our course has been specifically designed as an entry point into quality assurance manual testing that requires absolutely no prior learning in software programming. Basic computing skills, enthusiasm for the material, and a willingness to engage in a set amount of independent study or homework, are all it takes to succeed in our manual tester bootcamp. Once you’ve completed the course there’s always the option to further your study by enrolling in the next level of training, our software engineering development course, or SDET. This is only an option, and as the majority of our bootcamps obtain employment upon completion of their course, it’s absolutely not essential.

QA engineer

Top ten Test Pro QA engineer course benefits:

  1. No prior coding experience required
  2. Short intensive time commitment
  3. Industry experienced teaching staff
  4. Flexible course schedule
  5. No age or other requirements
  6. Collaborative learning on real projects
  7. Job-ready curriculum focus
  8. Pre-recorded lessons for self-paced learning
  9. MAC and PC compatible
  10. Free no-obligation first lesson

Q & A on the manual QA training at Test Pro

Yes you can. As we’ve uncovered a global demand for Test Pro courses, we’ve designed our programs with the flexibility to be undertaken 100% remotely. The onsite course classes are only an option for those who reside nearby and who want them.

No, at Test Pro we’re a full-service QA learning institution. We offer dedicated courses in QA manual testing and Software development engineering (SDET)

Yes we can. If you’re sure which of our exciting learning opportunities you’re most interested in, you can submit an online application query and let the Test Pro team counsel you through the options.
Absolutely, providing you live in the United States and are either a citizen or permanent resident, Test Pro has several funding options that could be available to you. Once you’ve secured your spot in our bootcamp, schedule a one to one call with our admissions officer to discuss your financial situation. Our most popular financing option is Test Pro loans provided through Credit Club that cover 100% of tuition costs.
Yes, and we’d love to have you. We’re so confident of our teaching methods, course facilitators, course content, and their job ready potential, that Test Pro advertises all our open job positions on our website and encourage any graduates of our learning programs to apply.


Test Pro’s QA engineer bootcamp is the 9 week commitment destined to have a lasting positive impact on the rest of your life. With a flexible schedule that enables you to maintain steady employment, engage in a mix of online and onsite learning, and learn at your own pace, its the ideal launch pad into the world of QA and its better-than-ever salary enticements and upskill potential.


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What our students say

Thank you Evgeny and Denis for such an amazing, super helpful, and very well-structured course. My favorite thing in this course was the amount of real-life practice and every day control from the teachers. I got 2 offers, and then got my job in 2 weeks. One of the most important aspects getting a job is an interview, so personal Skype calls helped a lot. Thank you again, and I wish you and your students all the best!
review on quality assurance classes
Alene N
QA Enginee
I was lucky and happy be your student.
You make my vision of QA very clear.
I feel like the last couple of years I really was working on projects!
It gives me more confidence and understanding of workflows.
And I found a lot of friends and good people here!
review on software testing fundamentals
Vlad E
QA Analyst
I was surprised by how the complexity of the course auto adjusts to the level and professional interest of each student. I’ve been working almost a decade in test engineering, including low-level automation, and have seen so many un-scalable, poorly implemented, crappy testing frameworks… Don’t go that road, go to TestPro way instead.
review on how to get into quality assurance
Nadia M
Software Developer in Test
I just want to say how thankful I am to meet these guys, especially Evgeny Kim. I was lucky enough to get in touch with them during my job search process, and I immediately received huge support. I received answers for all of my questions before the bootcamp even started. I can honestly say that these guys care and are willing to help you all the way until you find your dream job.
review on qa training and placement for beginners
Kate T
QA Automation Engineer

9-Week Immersive Program

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After graduation, students have gotten jobs at these major companies (and many others)


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For people who have no experience in the tech field, but want to change their career and start a new life. Coding experience is not required. Basic knowledge of PC is enough.

The first lesson is free (and very useful). No obligation. No payment. You can continue if you like the course. If it doesn’t fit you – it is your choice. No questions. No pushing.

No. You can just spend an hour a day every evening and you will be good! Of course, we know that you need to do a lot of things for yourself.

⁃ Work days: 1 hour twice per week (online only)
⁃ Weekends: 2.5 hours on Saturday or Sunday (onsite or online)
⁃ Practice: 4.5 hours per week.
⁃ Theory: a couple of hours per week.
⁃ Homework: a couple of hours per week.

Don’t worry we got you. All the lessons will be recorded and you can watch them whenever a comfortable time for you is.

Our course is compatible with both Mac and PC and there are no specific software requirements.

Yes. After successful graduation of the course you’ll get a certificate.

No, it is not! We have plenty of students who got hired by major companies. Jobs demand is very high but supply is low.

Don't take our word for it! Try it out yourself!