Intelligent Test Automation: a New Trend in the World of QA

Intelligent Test Automation: a New Trend in the World of QA

It’s no secret that the field of QA is constantly evolving. And in search of new, much more effective and accelerated approaches to testing, a revolutionary trend appeared – intelligent test automation. Thanks to such a revolution, humanity opens a new era where artificial intelligence takes the lead in testing processes. In this article, we’ll look at the main aspects of Intelligent test automation, explore how it’s changing the field of QA, and explore why automation courses from Test Pro can benefit you. Are you ready? Then we begin!


The main components of intelligent automation testing

1. Test Automation Tools

Intelligent automation testing is based on such advanced test automation tools as Selenium, Appium, JUnit, etc. With such tools, it is possible to automate workflows and processes, as well as improve existing functions and support different types of testing.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI refers to the ability of computers and software to help. Thanks to AI, testing processes are being improved. For example, AI helps analyze sentiment, personalize and solve problems. Why is this done? This is to simplify the interaction of the support service. Another great plus of AI is its constant development and learning. Therefore, AI is a rather powerful component of intelligent automation testing.

3. Test Data

Data is one of the key parts of intelligent testing.
Because AI is constantly learning, it uses raw data to customize intelligent workflows. In the future, AI can use interaction data for its development.

4. Cognitive Testing

The use of artificial intelligence to simulate human thought processes during testing is the essence of cognitive testing. For example, to understand requirements and analyze sentiments to get feedback from users, cognitive testing includes natural language processing (NLP).

5. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Why RPA? With RPA, testers can focus on the more complex and creative aspects of testing, as RPA is used to automate repetitive and rule-based tasks.

The impact of intelligent testing on QA

Accelerated Testing Cycles

Thanks to artificial intelligence test automation, testing cycles can be significantly accelerated. Compared to the traditional testing method, intelligent test automation is much more flexible because it optimizes the process and allows faster release without compromising quality.

Continuous Testing

With the help of artificial intelligence in the field of testing, the modality of continuous testing appears. Thanks to such features, the connection between the stages of development and the testing period is permanent. And thanks to this, defects can be detected faster.

Proactive Problem Identification

The essence of intelligent automation testing is not just to automate tests. It can quickly and proactively identify potential problems in the software development lifecycle by leveraging its analytical capabilities.

Real-Time Reporting

Another great feature of intelligent testing is that intelligent testing tools provide a real-time report of the testing process. Thanks to this feature, the team can quickly respond to emerging problems and improve overall project management more quickly.

Possibility Of Self-Healing

Intelligent automation testing allows you to automatically update test scripts when changes occur in the user interface of the application, so due to self-healing, maintenance costs are reduced and tests are guaranteed to remain relevant.
Test pro course

The uniqueness of Test Pro automation courses

As we have already said, the QA environment is developing very rapidly. And the question of whether AI intelligence will overtake humans in the testing industry is really important. Staying ahead is critical, so you must learn and improve all the time. To get unique skills in the world of automation, you need to pay attention to QA automation courses from Test Pro. Why Test Pro? Because Test Pro goes beyond the basics, explores advanced technologies, understands industry trends, and prepares real future competitors, even artificial intelligence.

Courses from Test Pro are guaranteed to provide hands-on training in the most modern automation tools and methods, as well as provide real projects and employment opportunities. Isn’t that wonderful?!

Test Pro is a strategic step to prepare for your career in the future. Do not postpone your future, but take care of it today. Register for a free webinar from Test Pro today and don’t let artificial intelligence get ahead of you!


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