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Quality Assurance Certification

Are you considering a career change and would like to make a fresh start in the dynamic and futuristic field of software testing? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that an arduous and lengthy university degree isn’t your ideal entry point into the industry. There’s only one qualification that will grant you addition to the Official US List of Software TestersTM, as well as the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) Successful Candidate Register, and that’s the ISTQB Foundation Level Certification (CTFL). Test Pro’s quality assurance certification online is your pathway towards CTFL confirmation. Join the estimated 170,000 Americans currently employed as software testers>with our streamlined, intensive, and career-starting, quality assurance specialist certification. If you’ve been dissuaded by a notion that the tech world is dominated by the very young or the very educated, you’ll also be pleased to know that DLS and census data reveal the average age of a software quality analyst to be 43. Many of those working in the area have pivoted from other professions and have completed only a beginner certificate in software testing such as Test Pro’s QA Bootcamp.

Certificate in software testing

Test Pro is a remote-first learning company dedicated to delivering the finest QA certification courses online. Our sole focus is on quality assurance certification courses, which we offer at beginner and more advanced levels. Our Software QA Bootcamp is available to beginners with little or no prior coding experience, and has been carefully curated to correlate with the syllabi of the ASTQB Foundational Level ATFL certification. The program is structured to provide all the skills needed for an entry level software testing position, including the following:

  • Practice, roles, responsibilities, methodologies, and software associated with SDLC and STLC
  • Test Documentation practices
  • Testing Types and real project learning practice
  • CDN. layers, Cache, HTTP protocol, and other modern applications architecture
  • HTML, CSS, Browser development tools associated with web applications
  • Android and iOS mobile application tools
  • CI server, pipelines, version control, and environment builds  
  • SQL, NoSQL, ETL testing databases

API testing, and much more

ASTQB foundation level

The true advantage of Test Pro’s ASTQB foundation level training is that it’s open to everyone, with no prior learning in coding or graduate certification required. This is because at Test Pro we believe the prerequisites to success to be interest and passion, and quality-delivered learning, rather than a university degree or some other qualification. Our ASTQB foundation level training, available as Test Pro’s Software QA Bootcamp is a three month intensive study program offered in an online capacity, or a mix of online/onsite classes for those residing close to our Los Angeles location. The ASTQB syllabus focus is on getting our students job-ready by teaching all the skills and practices necessary to become an ASQTB certified tester. Test Pro’s student success rate is high, with 79% of our graduates securing a role in QA within three months of course completion. The program syllabus focuses on teaching the industry tools used in foundation level testing, such as JIRA, TestLink, Wiki, and may more. You’ll also have the unique opportunity to gain invaluable work experience contributing to real-world commercial projects that involve ASTQB agile tester roles. Another vital course component will prepare you for the all important job interview process, teaching resume development skills and facilitating mock interviews.

QA certifications

Test Pro software quality assurance certification programs have themselves been quality tested by industry boards. hiring companies, former graduates, and tech review panels. We’re proud to report the following achievements:

  • Voted #1 Best QA Bootcamp in the US with Live Classes
  • Included in Career Karma’s Top 6 Software Testing Bootcamps
  • Only ISTQB recognized QA Bootcamp in the US
  • Included in Course Report’s Top 10 Software Testing Bootcamps
  • 92% recommendation rate by former students
  • 76% graduation rate

QA testing certification

Whilst some QA certification courses tend towards the theoretical, Test Pro’s quality assurance certification has the advantage of a practical component that functions as work experience, boosting a student’s resume quality and career confidence. During our intensive QA certification online you’ll not learn all the vocabulary, skills, practices, and methodologies of QA, you’ll also experience working in QA first-hand. Test Pro’s devoted and inspiring teaching staff and all industry-honed experts in their field. It’s our experience that employers hiring QA testers tend to look favorably on applicants who have built a portfolio of real-world contribution. In addition, Test Pro’s QA engineer certification course includes a module dedicated to ace-ing the interview process, Our facilitators will get you job-ready with resume prepping, interview response advice, and mock interview scenarios. Another of the many reasons why Test Pro graduates of our software QA certification succeed in achieving well-paid and secure positions in high-profile tech firms post training.

SDET certification

When you’re ready to upskill and grow your career potential in the industry, Test Pro provides the pathways to further learning and accreditation. Study our online automation testing certification level 2 and expand your skills and job opportunities. Our QA engineer training certification for beginners is a prerequisite to the our SDET certification level 2 QA automation testing certification. SDET certification is your gateway to higher-paid and more challenging positions as a software development engineer. It provides further learning in the fundamentals covered by our QA Bootcamp, as well as expanding into the following areas:

  • Hello,World! – initial environment setup and console application
  • JavaCore – variables, primitive types, arrays, conditionals, operators, and loops
  • JavaCore – methods, string operations, classes, constructors, properties
  • JavaCore – enums, access modifiers, exceptions, and try/catch
  • Object oriented programming – inheritance, interfaces, polymorphism, keywords
  • Collections API – list, set, map, iterator, Stream API
  • Version Control (GIT) – code reviews, branching strategies, resolving conflicts, tools
  • This is followed up by a six-week intensive in Selenium WebDriver, as well as bonus modules in Mobile Test Automation Basics, installation, configuration, and elements.

Best QA certification for beginners

The best QA certification for beginners is Test Pro’s Bootcamp. There are no prerequisite studies required, and no expectation of prior programming or coding knowledge. This is because at Test Pro we know that tech industry firms aren’t really interested in your university degree status, but rather whether you’ve acquired the basic foundational skills and vocabulary to excel as a certified software tester. We’re sure our company has the formula right by focusing our quality assurance certification level 1 on teaching the essentials and supplementing course materials with interactive experience on formal projects.

Manual testing certification

As humans, we live in a world dominated by our digital devices and the applications they run. This has led to an ever increasing need for professional testers to contribute to the creation, quality control, and maintenance of software applications that are seamless, stylish, and efficient. Test Pro’s software testing certification online will prepare you with the terminology and understanding of processes for undertaking QA roles in the real world. Our comprehensive and immersive program is suited to those of you with no formal knowledge in the area who would like to develop the skills and the confidence to take the first steps into a new and innovative career. Test Pro’s Manual QA Bootcamp is the only qualification you’ll need to secure a position in the energetic and influential field of software testing.

ASTQB certification

ASTQB is the Official United States Certification Board, and the American body who coordinates with the ISTQB on the development and maintenance of all levels of QA certifications. ASTQB certification entitles you to entry onto the US List of Certified Software TestersTM which companies will often consult when assessing potential hires. Test Pro’s QA Bootcamp prepares you for the ASTQB’s foundation level exam and CTFL certification. In addition, our company has the distinction of being the only US education provider with ASTQB-certified teachers. Five of Test Pro’s staff are ASTQB accredited. We know the value of teaching to ASTQB standards as a signifier to employing firms that our students have received education and work experience at globally-conferred industry levels.

CSTE certification

CSTE or certified software test engineer, is a higher-level of quality assurance testing certification. CSTE certification is not required in order to obtain employment in the industry, but like SDET certification, can be pursued if you want to increase your career scope and access more senior roles. As your skill set in the field builds, you can reach QA manager certification level and assume higher-paid responsibilities.

CTFL certification

CTFL certification is the goal of Test Pro’s QA Software Bootcamp and deemed the necessary qualification to fulfill software testing certifications in demand by employers. At Test Pro, our QA software testing certification online is designed as the flexible program that gives you all the tools you need to start working as a junior tester.

ISTQB certification

Some further advantages of choosing the Test Pro pathway towards ISTQB certification with our quality assurance certification online include:

  • Remote study wherever you are in the US or globally
  • Flexible study timetable, with pre-recorded lessons
  • Highly experienced teachers with scope for individual tutorial assistance
  • Access to Test Pro’s portal for employer/employee introductions
  • Advanced study options for those with prior learning or work experience in QA
  • No entry requirements

Software testing certification

Test Pro’s core ethics center around the idea that education and job opportunities should be available to all. This is expressed in our quality assurance certification cost which we believe to be highly competitive. If the course costs is unmanageable in your current financial situation, we also offer several funding options, as well as scholarships aimed at increasing diversity. Test Pro arranges financing loans through Credit Climb which will cover 100% of tuition. Partial scholarships are also offered in the following categories:

  • Women in technology
  • College upgrades
  • Veterans
  • Low-income

QA engineer certification

Fancy working in QA for Google, Amazon, Facebook, Bank of America, or PlayStation. These are just some of the huge corporations that have offered positions in QA to Test Pro graduates. By concentrating all our course opportunities on delivering high-standard QA training and extension programs, our company has opened the door for countless former students to flex the Test Pro advantage at job interviews across the sector, and step into high-earning roles.

Quality Assurance certification FAQs

How can ISTQB certification via Test Pro training online help me obtain a job in software testing?

American tech firms use ISTQB, and thus ASTQB, certification as verification that a job applicant will have the necessary skills for a role in QA. In some instances, positions are advertised as accepting foundation level agile tester ISTQB certification as a substitute for a year or more of employment in validating software systems. Test Pro’s quality assurance certifications are therefore your blueprint to successful entry into the QA job market.

Once I’ve completed Test Pro’s QA engineer certification, can I further my study in the area?

Absolutely. our QA Software Bootcamp, or prior experience in the field, can be followed by more specialized study options such as Test Pro’s Level 2 SDET courses. The SDET level of quality analyst certification helps you to deepen and extend your learning in the area, enabling you to apply for higher-paid positions where you will assume more responsibility in overseeing the QA process.

Can I combine Test Pro software testing course certification with paid-work?

Yes. At Test Pro we understand that most people will want to continue in their current employment whilst studying and our courses are designed with this in mind. We’re a remote learning company, offering the convenience of sell-paced study from the comfort of your home at a time that suits you. Our classes our scheduled for early evenings outside of general working hours, and at weekends, however if you miss a session, no problem, they are all recorded.

What if I take a lesson at Test Pro and decide it’s not for me?
Not a problem at all. We offer a free initial lesson and money-back guarantee and we want all our students to be confident that they’ve found the right course.


Interested in finding out more about Test Pro software testing certification online? Why not book your place in our free webinar today. At Test Pro we’ve such confidence in our teaching methods that our company has gone on to hire more than 240 of our own QA testing certification students. Start your new career in QA automation certification today at Test Pro.




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Quality assurance certification online

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