Quality Assurance VS Software Testing: What Will Be Your Final Choice?

Quality Assurance VS Software Testing

If you’ve always wanted to work in software development, you’ve definitely come across two terms – quality assurance (QA) and software testing. These concepts are often intertwined, so most beginners may find themselves confused by these two different terms. In order to avoid this, we suggest that you take a look at this article, where we will look at the subtle difference between QA and software testing, we will highlight the uniqueness of each of them for the field of IT and also we will find out why you should start your career as a tester with the help of Test Pro.


Who are QA and software testers?

Considering QA and software testers at the same time, we can clearly distinguish the main aspects of each of them and find the difference between them.

Quality Assurance (QA) testers

1) The main process orientation
QA testers focus only on establishing and maintaining processes to improve development and testing at all stages of the application lifecycle.

2) Prevention of defects
If you ask what QA testers do best, we will answer that they prevent defects in applications. Through best practices and methodologies such as process audits, reviews and compliance checks, QA testers ensure product quality.

3) Involvement in the entire process
QA testers are involved in the entire software development process. Their analysis task consists of the release requirements themselves. They will ensure compliance of all processes with defined standards and regulations.

Software testers

1) Performance orientation
Basically, Software testers are engaged in performing test trials in order to be able to detect defects or problems in software.

2) Detection of defects
Software testers are responsible for identifying and reporting defects to improve software quality. How do they detect defects? Thanks to the different types of testing they do. Such aspects as functional, performance and security make it possible to make sure that the software meets the specified requirements.

3) Focus on specific stages
Software testers are involved in the later stages of software development, where they can conduct testing of developed functions or components.

The main difference between QA and software tester

We compared these two concepts with you and concluded that:

1) There is a different main purpose and scope of activity
QA includes the entire process of quality assurance in a product, including planning, defining processes and requirements, while software testers focus mainly on performing testing, verification and validation.

2) Difference in timelines
QA is a broader and longer process, and software testers specialize in specific stages of development.

3) QA tester vs software tester: the difference in the level of responsibility
QA involves strategic planning and coordination, while software testers usually focus on specific testing tasks.
Test pro course

What are the main advantages of being a QA tester?

1) Continuous learning opportunities
QA testers are constantly evolving, because the field of software development is dynamic, and therefore new technologies and methodologies appear every time. Therefore, in order to stay abreast of the latest trends, we suggest you register for Test Pro, where you can sign up for courses, read interesting materials and get to know the software profession more closely.

2) Career growth
Starting out as a QA tester can be a stepping stone to growing in the software development industry. There are many cases where people who started their career as QA testers later moved on to positions like test lead or even software developers.

3) Relevance of the work
As long as software development continues, there will be a need for QA testers to ensure the quality and reliability of the software.

What are the main advantages of being a software tester?

1) User satisfaction

Software testers are focused on verifying the compliance of the software with the requirements and expectations of the users. Thanks to the efforts of software testers, the number of satisfied users increases, and the experience of such a tester becomes much higher.

2) Communication and cooperation

Software testers have the opportunity to collaborate with either developers, product managers, or other stakeholders. Thanks to such interaction, a friendly and suitable atmosphere is created for the further joint development process.

3) Universality

Being a software tester means you can work in a variety of industries. For example, you can work in financial institutions, e-commerce, etc. You can do this thanks to your versatile skills.

If you want to start a career specifically in the field of QA tester or software tester, then you should understand that this work is not the same and simple. But if you sign up for Test Pro’s training courses you’ll be able to gain the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in this industry and impact the quality of software products.

Now we have a final question for you: have you made your choice of who you choose to be, looking at the difference between QA and software tester, which we have considered? If your answer is yes, then don’t wait for tomorrow, but register for Test Pro, attend their free introductory webinar, and start your own unforgettable journey.


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