The ultimate guide to studying QA

The ultimate guide to studying QA

‘Quality is not an act, it is a habit.’ is a maxim attributable to Aristotle and relevant as a motivational guide in the dynamic, high stakes, and high earnings, area of software testing or quality assurance. In this ever advancing IT sphere, writing computer code that performs better, is faster, and has fewer errors, is the ultimate aim. It is complemented by the work of QA professionals who engage in the testing methodologies that lead to future forward software app development. The result is that the specialized area of QA represents a minefield for those wanting to learn exciting skills, work in a creative and collaborative environment, and earn higher than average salaries. TestPro’s QA study programs give students everywhere the unique opportunity to embody Aristotle’s words and develop and practice all the required QA habits necessary for success.

QA guide applications

Quality Assurance, or QA, is both the set of activities and the reason why software design is continually surpassing itself in terms of functionality, futuristic features, and seamless performance. QA guides the methods by which all software development is tested, errors identified, and bugs fixed. It aims to resolve as many of the issues of a software application as possible prior to deployment. QA processes vary according to the scale and nature of the product design. Some commonly applied examples include:

  • Automation testing with pre-written scripts. A fast paced option that can be rigorously applied on a large scale.
  • Exploratory or manual testing. A Creatively led approach to finding unexpected errors and regressions.
  • Integration testing which focuses on the cohesiveness and functionality of specific application components.
  • Regression testing to confirm that updated features of an application have not mistakenly destroyed any previously tested functionality.
  • Smoke tests that are minimalist in nature and applied at an early development stage to ensure the basic workability of an app before more in-depth testing occurs.

TestPro’s online QA study guide programs are designed to teach both the fundamentals of quality assurance, as well as the specific tools and techniques involved in its execution.

Why study QA guides online

Selecting the best avenue study option to launch into a new career in QA is an integral step in getting you job-ready and into a lucrative QA role as soon as possible. Remotely accessed learning programs provide a unique opportunity for students to engage in self-paced study whilst maintaining other job/life commitments. TestPro’s digitally delivered Software QA testing guide Bootcamp, as well as its SDET course, provide comprehensive job-oriented study programs for aspiring QA professionals from anywhere in the world. TestPro course benefits include pre-recorded lessons that can be viewed and reviewed at a student’s convenience. Students choose when and how to follow the course material, with individual progress supported by mentoring assistance as required. TestPro saves students time and money, condensing into months what traditional learning institutions take years to deliver, and empowering students to retain their current employment until they are successful in obtaining their dream role as a quality assurance guide.

TestPro QA study guide options

Interested in entering the field of software quality assurance with earnings upwards of $80 an hour on offer, and let’s face it who wouldn’t be! Here’s why TestPro’s quality assurance study guide course options are the optimal choice:

  • TestPro QA guide courses are written, delivered, and continually revised and updated, by QA career professionals who have extensive experience and ongoing participation in the industry. They teach the same tools and techniques that contributed to their own success, and collaborate with colleagues to ensure a consistent standard of updated learning across all TestPro programs.
  • All programs are job centric and feature modules dedicated to interview preparation. The TestPro online portal also has an immersive feature for connecting employers with prospective job candidates from the institution’s graduate pool.
  • TestPro provides students with access to individual mentoring to consolidate any areas of challenge.

Quality assurance study guide QAs

How can I know if TestPro’s teaching approach is right for me?

Why not take us for a test drive! TestPro offers regularly scheduled and free online webinars providing in-depth discussion and coverage of TestPro programs, as well as online admissions support staff to address any individual queries.

What if I’m not sure if I can pay for the course upfront?

While it’s designed to be an affordable study option, TestPro recognizes that aspiring students come from a wide range of financial situations. It provides several funding options for those experiencing challenges in meeting course costs upfront. These include loans that cover 100% of tuition fees as well as specific scholarship options.

The bottom line

With all the support you need to learn efficiently, gain industry experience and job-centered confidence, TestPro excels as a guide to a career in quality assurance for aspiring students everywhere. Learn the basics and beyond of QA testing and secure your part in the future of software design and development.



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