ASTQB certification

ASTQB Certification

The Software Testing Industry is a dynamic, disruptive, and potentially lucrative field. Software testers employed in the US receive a higher than average rate of pay, with 65% declaring their wages morethan adequately cover the relatively high cost of living across the country. The software testing market is booming. with a current value of around USD 40 billion, and an anticipated CAGR of more than 6% between 2022 and 2030. As such, software testing represents an exciting, challenging, and profitable career path for anyone with a demonstrated proficiency in foundational level software testing. An ASTQB certification, which confers addition to both the U.S. List of Certified TestersTM and the ISTQB Successful Candidate Register, is your key to gaining employment in the sector. If you’re interested in commencing or furthering your study into software testing, then Test Pro is the only company in the US that is ISTQB accredited, and that provides foundation level training by ASTQB certified tester teaching staff.

ASTQB foundation level

The true advantage of Test Pro’s ASTQB foundation level training is that it’s open to everyone, with no prior learning in coding or graduate certification required. This is because at Test Pro we believe the prerequisites to success to be interest and passion, and quality-delivered learning, rather than a university degree or some other qualification. Our ASTQB foundation level training, available as Test Pro’s Software QA Bootcamp is a three month intensive study program offered in an online capacity, or a mix of online/onsite classes for those residing close to our Los Angeles location. The ASTQB syllabus focus is on getting our students job-ready by teaching all the skills and practices necessary to become an ASQTB certified tester. Test Pro’s student success rate is high, with 79% of our graduates securing a role in QA within three months of course completion. The program syllabus focuses on teaching the industry tools used in foundation level testing, such as JIRA, TestLink, Wiki, and may more. You’ll also have the unique opportunity to gain invaluable work experience contributing to real-world commercial projects that involve ASTQB agile tester roles. Another vital course component will prepare you for the all important job interview process, teaching resume development skills and facilitating mock interviews.

ASTQB certification cost

Test Pro believes that education should be available to all that want it, price our programs with affordability in mind. In addition, Test Pro provides several funding options for prospective students with financial concerns. Test Pro offers financing deals through Credit Climb that will cover the total tuition cost. We also provide a limited number of partial scholarships aimed at increasing diversity and representation within the tech sector. Once you’ve been accepted into one of our programs, you can schedule a private discussion with our admissions officer to discuss your situation. The criteria for any of our funding options are that you are a US citizen or permanent resident who resides in the US, and has at least an upper-intermediary level of English language skills.

ASTQB certified tester

The duties performed by an ASTQB certified tester will be influenced by the nature and scope of the company you work for, but will revolve in some way around the following responsibilities:

  • identification of company and stakeholder requirements
  • close collaboration with developer and support teams
  • planning of projects and tests
  • execution of different test types, such as performance testing, scalability testing, and functional testing
  • running automated and manual tests
  • accessing code when required
  • flexibility to work across different environments, from web to mobile
  • risk anticipation and the development of fool-proof code
  • writing reports and trouble-shooting any problems found in the code

ASTQB Foundation level exam

ASTQB certification via successful completion of the ASTQB foundation level exam (ASTQB CTFL), is a requirement for everyone who is employed as a software tester in the US. Once you’ve passed the exam, you’ll be added to the Official List of Certified Software TestersM,, as well as earning points towards your Testing Tiers software testing level. The ASTQB foundational level exam is provided by the ASTQB, a non-profit organization and the American Testing board foundation affiliate of the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board.) Fees associated with the ASTQB exam, including the exam cost and the ASTQB certification cost, cover the foundation’s administration expenses. Test Pro’s syllabus is structured around equipping you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to pass the exam with flying colors. You’ll also find additional ASQTB practice exam material available online.

ASTQB certification FAQs

Why should I choose Test Pro over another company?

At Test Pro our top priority is the quality and career preparedness of our course material. We’re the only company in the United States that can guarantee course facilitation by ASTQB certified educators. In fact, five of our teaching staff have ASTQB certification.

What kind of duties does an ASTQB foundation level tester perform?

As with any job, the exact nature will vary greatly between roles. Some of the more common tasks you could be expected to undertake as a foundation level tester include, developing and implementing test plans, predicting and solving potential risks, creating status reports, and collaborating interdepartmentally with engineers, project managers, and others.

I’m looking for a career change, but have no experience in the tech sector, is Test Pro’s Bootcamp suitable for me?
Absolutely it is. In fact our ASTQB foundation level training has been designed with you in mind. As long as you’ve got the interest to learn, and a desire to succeed in software testing, Test Pro is a match for you.


Capitalize on your future software testing career opportunities by enrolling in one of our courses today. Our remote learning approach ASTQB training gives you the possibility of achieving ASTQB certification from the comfort and convenience of your home. Enjoy flexible online, immersive, and self-paced study, gain valuable industry experience, and prepare for your ASTQB exam, with Test Pro. Test Pro does more than equip you with a common testing vocabulary and set of principles, our dedicated teachers and in-depth learning approach, sets you up for future success as a software tester.





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