Quality assurance analyst

Quality assurance is an integral part of the software development life cycle. Sometimes misunderstood as an end-of-process activity, QA analysts serve an important function at all stages of agile software development, exerting a great deal of influence on end-product success rates. In fact, research estimates that the testing activities performed by quality assurance analysts typically comprise 40-50% of the total development efforts.  Thus, a QA analyst emerges as a lead player in any software development team. For anyone considering a career change, a pivot towards becoming a software QA analyst represents a leap into a future-forward industry with secure, long-term employment prospects, as well as a lucrative QA analyst salary range. TestPro SDET Bootcamp is essential training for anyone with a basis in the fundamentals of QA who doesn’t just want to deepen their understanding of the duties of QA analysts roles, and rather to transition to one themselves.


QA analyst

A QA analyst assumes chief responsibility for the delivery of a client product that is as bug-free, high-performance, cost-effective, and futuristic as possible. As such, the path of how to become a QA analyst involves intensive learning on a range of evolving practices, tool, methodologies, and problem solving approaches. It requires a continually inquisitive mind, flexible thought frames, and a can-do solutions driven attitude. Due to the technical complexity of some of the course topics, it’s recommended that anyone applying for TestPro SDET course have at least a rudimentary background in QA.

What is a QA analyst

What is a QA analyst and how does it enhance the software development process is a question at the very core of TestPro’s hands-on learn by doing teaching method. The TestPro SDET Bootcamp is the ultimate vocational program for instructing on every aspect of a QA analyst’s role and how to implement them as a real-world employee. It is delivered remotely, as five weekly online sessions. The classes are scheduled for broadcast in the early evenings, outside of regular working hours, to provide the most flexibility for students combining their SEDT studies with work. Every session is also downloaded and accessible for viewing and reviewing purposes at any time. TestPro is unique in providing a QA analyst program with equal access prospects, enabling students in any area of the world to apply.

QA analyst salary

Who doesn’t want to increase their earnings potential? While TestPro understands money may not be the sole motivating factor for wanting to pursue employment in QA, there’s no disputing that the buoyant tendency of a QA analyst salary is certainly one of its stand-out features. Nationally collated HR data reports an average QA analyst salary of $63.616, or an hourly pay rate of around $55. The allure of this earnings capacity is obvious is bolstered by the continued strong industry demand for QA analysts.

How to become a QA analyst

When it comes to landing your dream role as a QA analyst. TestPro goes above and beyond to make the transition from student to QA professional as smooth as possible for everyone involved. TestPro’s bespoke Hire Our Graduate online portal, delivers a free-of-charge service that enables hiring tech firms to match with recent TestPro SDET course alumni. It’s a mutually beneficial system whereby the top tech companies can recruit from TestPro’s talent pool, secure in the knowledge that all of its quality assurance analyst candidates have undertaken TestPro’s comprehensive 200+ hour study program and have contributed to real-life projects involving cross-team collaboration.

What does a QA analyst do

What a QA analyst does can be addressed by reviewing the extensive course components covered in TestPro’s SDET program. They are:

SDLC and STLC, Test Documentation, Types of Testing, Modern Application Architecture, Web Applications, Mobile Applications. Builds, Databases, API Testing, Test Automation, Write Smoke and Regression, Automate, QA Interview, Hello, World!, Java Core, Object Oriented Programming, Collections API, Version Control (GIT), Practice on real projects and Interview preparation, Introduction to Test Automation with Selenium WebDriver, Testing Framework, Locators, Web Elements, Synchronization, Advanced Techniques, Selenium Grid, Page Object Design Pattern, BDD with Cucumber, Exercises / Algorithms, and Automate Regression.

QA analyst vs QA engineer

While some overlap exists, there are also significant distinctions between the roles performed by software quality assurance analysts and testers. The QA analyst vs QA engineer debate is perhaps best understood in terms of the scope of activities performed by each role, the requisite skills and level of experience each requires, and also their earnings potential. A QA engineer is a somewhat more elementary role in quality assurance. Novices in the tech industry can study to become a QA engineer by enrolling in TestPro’s Software QA Bootcamp. It’s the first level of studies offered by TestPro and is designed for anyone, even those with no prior coding experience. Similar to the SDET course, it’s a self-paced, vocationally oriented learning program that’s designed to help students land their first job as a QA tester, where they can expect to earn an average of between $30 to $50 an hour. The course focuses on manual testing regimes, tools, and techniques, as well as resume and interview prep. The role of a QA analyst, as defined by TestPro’s SDET Bootcamp involves learning or refreshing all of the skills and methods applied in QA engineering but widens the scope to include automated testing methods and modules devoted to Java Core and Selenium WebDriver. Both roles ask for problem solving and critical thinking skills, as well as an attention to detail. TestPro’s SDET certification presumes a degree of prior learning or experience in the fundamentals of QA. It extends upon this to equip the successful candidate with a wider tool kit, more job opportunities, and higher salary incentives.

Software QA analyst FAQs

I’m wanting to enroll in TestPro’s SDET course, but English is not my native language. I’m concerned I may struggle both with the course content and in finding work in QA, can TestPro assist?

Glad you inquired. TestPro aims to make QA course certification accessible and achievable for students the world over, and developed its English for QAs complementary training program with this in mind. Visit us online for more information.

Does TestPro provide any financial assistance packages for students struggling to afford training?

As part of its wide accessibility initiative, TestPro aims to provide affordable study options. In addition to its reasonable fee structure, TestPro can often provide additional assistance for anyone experiencing financial hardship.


The TestPro teaching method of learning by doing has shown to produce superior employment results for graduates of its programs, the majority of whom have gone on to forge QA analysis careers that are as rewarding as they are highly remunerated. You have the motivation and aptitude to excel as a quality assurance analyst. Apply online today and experience the TestPro top-class career mounting method for success.




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