Back end, front end or full stack

Front-end, Back-end, or Full Stack

The world of software engineering is an expansive field. It is populated by a global force of IT professionals who work collaboratively and are also defined by various role specifications. Some work exclusively as a front-end developer or full-stack engineer, and others are tasked with the backend functionalities of software design and deployment. Suppose you’re one of the many who are considering a career switch to the energetic, inventive and gainful IT engineering sector. In that case, understanding the distinctions and commonalities between the back end, front end or full stack is critical. Getting a grasp on the difference between front end, back end and full stack developer activities and responsibilities can assist you in matching your aptitudes and career intentions to task. So, front, back or both? Let’s take a look.

Difference between front end and back end and full stack

All software development roles contribute to an agile process of software development that requires fluent communication between tasks in order to be effective. Simply put, back end developer roles focus on the server-side technologies used in software creation, while front end developer jobs are primarily involved with the visual user-facing aspects of a website or software. Full stack developers are expected to possess the skills to work across the entire development spectrum, as such, their roles tend to be more complex, involve greater responsibility, and be higher paid.

TestPro’s remote recipe for success

Do you have the desire to further your learning and increase your earnings capacity, but can’t afford to overcommit time or funds to a years’ long degree course or regular attendance at on-campus lectures? The great news is, with the TestPro online intensive learning structure, you don’t need to. The efficacy of TestPro’s online approach to course delivery is evidence-based, with The Research Institute of America reporting that remote learning increased retention rates by between 25% and 60% as compared to on-campus rates of between 8% and 10%. Remote course delivery and management allows for smarter and more efficient learning that amplifies job preparedness in a reduced time frame. Students are accorded maximum control over when and how they study, with the flexibility to manage their lesson attendance schedule and self-guided study in conjunction with other work and life commitments. These factors increase the affordability of all TestPro study programs, as well as their accessibility to a diverse international student body. With TestPro’s inclusive online community, students are never alone in their course progression. Practical simulated work experience unites students in collaboration and individual mentoring assistance is available as required.

The difference between front end, back end and full stack payscales

While money is seldom the sole motivating factor for those pursuant of success in the innovative realm of software development, higher than average industry salaries are certainly a welcome reality. While rates of pay vary according to the exact nature of a role, as well as the hiring company, there are general emergent trends that can assist in students in deciding which educational pathway to follow. A simplified overview of software engineering pay rates, as presented in the Stack Overflow Survey, notes that while both back-end and full-stack salaries tend to be higher than those paid to front-end developers, full-stack developer salaries are overall the highest. This is mostly due to the comprehensive nature of full stack roles which require the skills to participate and oversee both front and back end development. Training in full stack provides enhanced career progression possibilities and the likelihood of accessing better paid jobs with greater growth potential.

What is full stack developer training at TestPro

TestPro’s full stack developer bootcamp is an intensive study program designed to equip novices to software development with the broad skillset of tools, techniques and practical experience required to work in a full stack development role. It’s a ten month comprehensively designed online training program that provides an overview of the various coding niches and programming technologies involved in front end or full stack web development and digital sector design. Students attend twice weekly online lessons delivered by the likes of course instructor, George Donohue, a Columbia University Instructor, experienced freelance coder and 2U full stack developer. Prepare to learn a comprehensive selection of 36 of the technologies involved in full stack development, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React and Node.Js. The practical component of the course invites students to participate on real life commercial projects. This is where you’ll gain invaluable work experience that will bolster both job confidence and resume appeal. There’s also an interview module which prepares students for the application and acceptance process.

Benefits of TestPro’s full stack developer bootcamp

The TestPro approach to teaching is vocational. It focuses on all the skills and practices necessary to succeed as a full stack or front end developer, or in a back end development role. Importantly, it has been trailed and approved. 79% of TestPro graduates secure gainful employment in the sector within three months of course completion, and 92% of prior students would recommend TestPro programs to other aspiring software developers. These success rates can be attributed to a number of factors. Expertly curated course curriculums form the basis of TestPro’s proven teaching success, as do these other features common to all TestPro training regimes:

  • No prior coding experience, prerequisite study or age requirements.
  • Entirely remote online learning structure for maximum efficacy and accessibility.
  • Flexibility to attend classes when you want, with pre-recorded lessons facilitating self-paced study.
  • Free no-obligation initial lesson.
  • Industry expert course facilitators and mentors.
  • Graduate career assistance to assist students to land their dream job.
  • Collaborative learning and hands-on experience working on commercial projects.
  • Intensive study programs for condensed, cost and time effective vocational based learning.
  • Affordable tuition fees with additional scholarship opportunities and financial assistance options.
  • MAC and PC compatible.

The opportunity to connect with a global community of enthusiastic learners and future developers.

TestPro back end, front end or full stack developer bootcamp intensive QAs

Does TestPro offer any assistance in helping students get employed as a front end or full stack developer?
Yes, as a vocationally based education provide, TestPro takes its commitment to assisting students transition from student to career starter seriously. It has a dedicated team of career services staff who assist graduates to secure their dream job after course completion. The team, which has already been involved in the successful job placement of thousands of prior students across the US, is available to TestPro graduates for as long as required.
English in not my native language and I’m concerned I may struggle with some of the terminology presented in full stack developer bootcamp, can TestPro help?
TestPro has created a bespoke English for QAs program designed to develop skills in pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and fluency. These courses are AI empowered and uniquely customized to suit every student’s individual needs.


Enrolling in a TestPro program in full stack development or SDET is your ticket to dream big and join the growing mass of TestPro alumni who have gained lucrative roles in big name tech. Still have questions regarding the difference between front end, back end and full stack, or if you’d like any additional information on our course offerings, contact TestPro’s friendly admissions team to schedule a chat, or drop in online for a free introductory lesson. Satisfy your curiosity, your career goals, your financial aspirations and your job growth potential, with TestPro’s secure pathway to software development success.




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