Best Quality Assurance (QA) Certifications For Software Testing Professionals

Best Quality Assurance (QA) Certifications For Software Testing Professionals

The world of software is quite competitive, and to stand out from the crowd, you need to stand out with something special. You may possess some unique skills, or you may demonstrate the accumulation of experience through QA certifications. In this article, we will look at some of the best QA certifications, find out their features, and shed some light on Test Pro’s QA courses, which you can add to your software testing skills list.


Which QA certifications are most important?

If you have already decided to become a QA tester and connect your life with the field of testing, then you should understand that a successful career in testing requires practical experience and constant updating of knowledge. And the best way to develop your skills and prove your competence in software testing is QA certification. There are several QA certifications, but your choice only depends on your career goals and the specific areas of testing you want to specialize in. It is up to you to decide, but we can recommend several generally recognized QA certifications:

1) ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board)

ISTQB is one of the most recognized software testing certification organizations. It is also interesting that this certificate has three different levels: Foundation, Advanced and Expert.

  • Foundation Level
    This level includes the study of basic concepts and terms of testing, methodology, processes and criteria for testing completion.
  • Advanced Level
    This level is already more serious and expands on specific aspects of testing, for example, project management.
  • Expert Level
    At this level, the focus is on risk management and strategy testing. That is strategic management of the test process.


2) CSTE (Certified Software Testing Engineer)

Another equally important quality assurance certification is CSTE. This certificate covers such aspects as test planning, test script creation, test execution and of course reporting. Testers, receiving this certificate, focus on the work of a tester and delve into general duties or tasks.

However, you should note that the minimum requirement for this certificate is six years of professional experience, regardless of the applicant’s education level.

3) CAST (Certified Associate in Software Testing)

You can also pay your attention to such QA certification as CAST. If you choose to pursue this certification, you will focus on understanding basic testing techniques and processes. But four or two years of college and two years of work experience plus three years of professional experience are required before applying.

4) CQAP (Certified Quality Assurance Professional)

By choosing CQAP, you have the opportunity to get the training you need to become a leader in quality assurance. With a high level of specialist knowledge, you will be able to move forward with confidence and work effectively in a testing environment. But there is a major requirement: to be eligible for this certification, you must have worked in the relevant field for at least 18 months and completed coursework equivalent to that required for CSTE certification.
Test pro course

Features of QA courses from Test Pro

1) Convenience

Test Pro is not just a platform for improving the skills of testers, it is a place in the technological world where you can become a tester from scratch. The main feature of the QA tester course is that the classes are held online, as well as the fact that you can arrange your own schedule of classes. That is, if you want to combine work and study, then you will have this opportunity. We care about your time too!

2) Focus on real projects

If you register for courses from Test Pro, it will not be boring lectures with incomprehensible homework. Real open-source projects await you so you can apply your knowledge and gain valuable experience.

3) Professional teachers

We offer you the most professional mentors who will be with you until the end of the entire course. If you have any problems or questions, don’t hesitate to ask us. We are always in touch and we will always help you.

4) Obtaining the necessary skills

The main task of Test Pro is to focus on the development of skills necessary for the work of a tester. And you’ll learn how to work with tools like JIRA, TestLink, Wiki, Mind Maps, Charles Proxy and many others, so be prepared to learn a lot.

5) The possibility of employment

We would like to please you with the fact that immediately after completing the QA tester course from Test Pro, you will be able to find a real job, where your first salary can be from 35 dollars per hour. This is a great start to the career of a tester, isn’t it?

6) Learning from any level

If you have never heard of what a software tester does, but you want to become a tester, then you will become a tester! If you are a little familiar with some testing tools or methods, that is, you have the basics and want to get even better, then you will! If you are already working professionally in the field of testing, but you think that you lack some professional skills as a tester, then you will find those skills! Why are we so sure about it? Because Test Pro does not divide people into categories but offers classes of different levels of difficulty. Therefore, everyone should have their place in these courses.

7) Integrative teaching method

Courses from Test Pro offer an integrated learning method. What does it mean? This means that the courses combine self-directed online learning with simulated experience working on real projects and allow you to focus on developing the skills necessary for this work as a tester.

If you dream of connecting your life with the field of testing, we offer you to make your dream come true. In what way? Visit the official website of Test Pro, register for a free marathon and become the captain of your new dream ship today. Hurry up, we will be waiting for you!


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