How to Become a QA Tester With No Experience

How to Become a QA Tester With No Experience

You have already decided to take the path of QA tester and are now looking into the opportunity to change the job switch into the tech field. And you are right about that because the demand in the IT sphere is extremely high, and new positions are open every day. Even the pandemic didn’t do any damage in this sector, and companies transferred employees into remote positions. 

Training at Test Pro gives you the option to get into a well-paid position with growing opportunities in your career. This can be considered one of the fastest ways to get into the tech industry without a degree.

The overall demand for software testers in the US increases every year. Software is being adopted by every industry when the business comes to the point of expanding. And the main point is that every application gets to go through a quality testing stage before launch. That means at least one tester is required on the project to ensure there are no flaws or bugs. QA tester is a great position that will not let you stay unemployed. 

Now we need to see how to become a QA tester with no experience. There are a lot of options for entry-level positions you can apply to after fishing your training at Test Pro. The top industry where you can start looking is game development. They expand fast and have a small budget so you might get lucky fast. It’s practically a tendency to hire QA testers with no experience, which will be cost-efficient. The next one is website design or software development companies. 

After you finish at Test Pro with the full baggage about QA testing with a comprehensive understanding of the development process, you will be ready to apply as a Junior. Also, many companies are ready to train tech employees, especially testers. Check out the internship or ask if there is any training available on the interview.


Find a company that is willing to train you

There are a lot of articles written about how to become a software tester with no experience. Let’s look into the specifics of how to get a QA job without actual experience. It was already mentioned that many big companies are willing to train you. As far as companies are willing to invest in employees it means finding a job gets easier. 

Even as an intern, you are getting to learn how everything works in the company, what tools they are using, and the main requirements. Usually, these may take up to a few months and be presented as a non-paid position. It might be quite disappointing at first, but you have solid chances to secure your chances to transfer to Junior level after successfully finishing training. Even if you don’t have experience, showing eagerness and good soft skills this might be a win. This can be considered the best option how to become a software tester with no experience.

And finally, there are some courses that offer a job offer upon finishing. Usually, they are extremely expensive and have a very low rate of successfully passing. Despite that Test Pro gives you the knowledge of how to build your portfolio and get prepared for an interview. This is very important info that will significantly increase your chances of getting a job.

Best qa testing bootcamp

Non-paid job

If you’re interested to learn how to become a qa tester with no experience, there are a few things you can do to get the job. start to build your network with the experts who already working on related positions or building your own projects. there are many start-ups that don’t have any budget and work simply on enthusiasm, so there is no salary offered. but it will give you the very necessary experience and a real project you can show in your portfolio.

If you are willing to work for free, give it a shot. You can check LinkedIn or other platforms where you can spend a few hours a week in a great team and get the necessary skills. Maybe it may not be what you are looking for, but you need to start to move further. Test Pro mentors can give you a few pieces of advice about how to find your dream job and share your own experience. 

Last but not least, you might attempt to get work in a similar industry, such as technical or customer service. You may make a strong case for a career transition to QA testing by using the transferable abilities you’ve developed in these roles. If you’re still asking how do i become a qa tester with no experience, then we have all answers for you at Test Pro.


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