Q&A in QA: Top Interview Questions QA Engineers Must Prepare For!

Interview questions QA engineer

So you’ve just completed your certification course as a bonafide QA Engineer and finished refining your job-winning resume. Now you’re ready to enter the QA job market and land your first job! And then it happens. The most anxiety-inducing part of the process — the interview.

We’ve all been there. That “make or break” moment where everything you have been preparing for all boils down to a single conversation. But as they say, “success occurs when opportunity meets preparation”. So here are interview questions QA engineer applicants should prepare for.

Ace Your Interview: Pro Tips from Test Pro

Identifying all possible interview questions QA engineer applicants might face would perhaps take an entire day to list down. Chances are only a small percentage of those questions will actually pop up. So here are the top questions and general preparations you should take into account before your interview.


Practice speaking in front of a mirror as you would during the interview. It might be extremely awkward at first, but this is a very useful exercise! It is also worth researching about your potential employer, their office culture, and the types of employees they hire.


Most interviews are structured similarly, and the first stage includes general questions, as well as self-introduction. You may be asked why you want to work as a tester and where you see yourself in the next 5-10 years.


The next stage of the interview may involve technical and theoretical questions to assess your level of training and demonstrate your understanding of the job. Now, this can literally vary from interview to interview, from simple to sophisticated questions. Here are some examples:

  1. What is a bug?
  2. Describe a good test case.
  3. Upon identifying a bug during production, how would you ensure it gets resolved?
  4. How would you test a calculator (or any non-standard item)?
  5. Can you explain the significance of Agile testing?
  6. Differentiate Quality Assurance and Quality Control.
  7. Have you ever missed a bug? What did you do afterward?
  8. Differentiate load testing, volume testing, and stress testing.
  9. Describe bug leakage and bug release.
  10. Explain the steps in an automation step plan.

When the Tables Turn: Questions YOU Should Ask the Interviewer

The final stage of the interview typically involves questions from you to the employer. This enables you to make a fully informed final decision, so make sure not to waste this opportunity! Here are some questions you might want to ask:

  1. What project/s are you being hired for and its specifics?
  2. What technologies and tools are used on the project?
  3. What is expected of you/your responsibilities?
  4. What are the processes in the company/project?
  5. How is communication with the team and clients carried out?

Test Pro Courses: From A to Z Preparation

Covered all your bases for the interview process, but don’t know how to jumpstart your career as a QA engineer? You don’t need any experience or an engineering degree. Test Pro’s online courses make it possible for people to change their lives and start their dream career in IT.

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