Manual Testing Course for Beginners

Manual Testing Course for Beginners

If you decide to dive into the world of quality assurance (QA) and learn manual testing, then you are in luck! Test Pro offers a unique opportunity for those who have just entered this field or want to enter. Our goal is to equip you with the essential skills needed to effectively navigate the world of software testing.

Therefore, in this article we will consider the peculiarities of the profession of a manual tester, and reveal why you should learn manual testing for beginners with Test Pro.

Who is a manual tester?

Let’s start with the fact that any new program must be tested manually before its testing can be automated. This is what manual testers are for. The main purpose of such testing is to identify errors, problems and software defects.

Therefore, if you want to discover an unexpected problem, and you see that automation is ineffective, you can safely turn to manual testers for help.


Learn manual testing for beginners with Test Pro

Do you have no experience in testing and find it a problem, or are you afraid to make mistakes or even start communicating with someone? Then you don’t know about Test Pro yet! This platform is ideal for beginners and offers a great course for those who want to become a manual tester. With a user-friendly environment to learn the basics of manual testing, you can easily equip yourself with the skills you need for this field and easily succeed.

Reasons why choosing Test Pro is the right decision

1. Completely online

If you want to combine your work with your studies, or adjust your schedule to suit yourself, then Test Pro gives you such an opportunity. Even if you miss one class, it’s okay! You can set your own schedule.

2. Integrative teaching method

Manual testing course for beginners with Test Pro offers an integrative learning method that combines self-directed online learning with simulated work experience on real projects and a focus on developing the skills required for this job.

3. Real projects

Test Pro emphasizes hands-on experience, so it offers real-world open source projects, so students can apply their knowledge and gain valuable experience and insight into how manual testing works.

4. Professional mentors

Together with the manual testing course for beginners, you have the opportunity to learn from the best experts, who will support you throughout your training. You will learn how to work with such tools as JIRA, TestLink, Wiki, Mind Maps, Charles Proxy and many others, and most importantly, you will gain the necessary knowledge and be able to participate in discussions to improve your understanding of manual testing.

5. Opportunity to get a job

After completing the manual testing full course for beginners from Test Pro, you will be able to find a real job and earn from $35 per hour. Isn’t it wonderful?

Test Pro is a valuable resource for anyone looking to become a manual tester from scratch. So join and sign up for a free webinar. Take a step closer to this technological world today!


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