Software testing trends & testing technologies

Software testing trends

IT professionals from around the globe routinely congregate on remote-assembled development teams. Together they perform agile software creation that transcends geographical limitations, inhabiting an inclusive space where great ideas rule. These development teams are united by a dynamic spirit, flexible solutions-focused thinking, and continuous learning engagement. As such, the software industry, and QA in particular, is an exciting place in which to forge a new career. Always open for innovation and accessible to all. The advent of online educational providers, such as Test Pro, provides comprehensive job-oriented programs that have revolutionalized opportunities for those seeking a transition into the industry. Robust sector growth and the progression and release of new QA technologies have led to increased job opportunities and commensurate financial rewards. Salary Expert reports an average annual QA tester salary of USD $102,169. With earnings incentives high. Test Pro helps turn them into a reality.

Software testing trends 2023

Software testing technologies can be divided into manual testing processes and automated ones. Both continue to have their role to play in practical software development, the aim of which is always to accelerate product design, performance, and affordability. Automated testing technologies are trending as they have the potential to drastically reduce costs. They are faster to implement, infinitely repeatable, and require less human involvement in action. Manual testing, on the other hand, is more time-consuming. The human element of manual testing contributes to higher incidences of inaccuracy. This may cause errors to be missed at an early stage in the development cycle, leading to a more costly fix later on.

The future scope of automation testing is confirmed in a recent Kobiton report, which found that 100% of testers are now applying automation in their QA processes, whereas two years ago, 76% of software testers were automating less than half their tests. As such, current software testing trends can be identified as leaning towards ever more increasing use of automation.

Preparing for the future of software testing

If you’ve decided upon a career switch into QA, but have nor prior coding experience, choose the path of least resistance with an intensive course from Test Pro. Test Pro programs focus on teaching the latest software testing trends in a minimal timeframe. Its SDET course adapts the bootcamp structure that has become a popular training methodology across the tech industry, and one that is recognized by top hiring firms for its efficacy in producing job-ready candidates.

TestPro’s SDET Bootcamp condenses into several months what traditional universities may take years to teach. Its online teaching delivery system and catalog of recorded lessons gives students the flexibility to combine study with other work commitments, and to learn at a time and pace that suits them.

TestPro’s future of automation testing training

The chief advantage of TestPro’s SDET Bootcamp is that it develops job-ready skills that are relevant to today’s best industry practice, as well as the future of automation testing. The curriculum has been carefully curated by IT industry professionals who have extensive experience in QA. Whilst delivering a solid grounding in the fundamentals of QA, course material is regularly reviewed and updated to reflect the future of automation testing, and ensure it engages with the latest testing technologies.
TestPro’s unique partnership with companies in the commercial sector enables it to provide every student with the invaluable confidence and skills-building opportunity to participate in real-life projects. In this way, students don’t just learn the theory behind software testing trends but are able to practice it prior to entering the QA workforce.

Testing technologies FAQs

Can you really become a QA tester without any experience?
With TestPro’s SDET Bootcamp you can. This is because the course is specially designed to give you all the benefits of work experience as you study. As proof of the efficacy of TestPro’s teaching method, an overwhelming majority of graduates go on to secure QA employment in the latest trending technologies within months of course completion. Test Pro graduates have gone on to fill positions in industry leaders such as Apple, Facebook, Google, and Netflix.
Does Test Pro provide any financial assistance for aspiring students who may not be able to meet the entire course costs up front?
Yes, as an equal-access educational provider with a focus on fostering diversity in the tech sector, Test Pro offers different financing options. Provided you are a US student or permanent resident, you can apply for a loan to cover the course tuition fees in full. Test Pro also offers partial scholarship opportunities. Unsure about how to approach funding your course, contact Test Pro for a meeting to discuss your individual circumstances.
What happens if I experience difficulty understanding a particular trending test or some of the methodologies taught in the lessons, could I fail the course?
No, there is always mentoring assistance available when you require it. TestPro’s online learning programs come with the added benefit of real-time access to help when you need it. Test Pro understands that everyone learns differently, and offers individualized mentoring to ensure no student gets left behind. It creates a supportive online community where students can always ask a course facilitator for extra assistance understanding a topic.

The bottom line

Test Pro is the next level entry point into the future of software testing. Its SDET Bootcamp equips students with the necessary skillset for direct launch into a lucrative QA job. It maximizes graduate employability by engaging with all the latest software testing trends as they unfold. With its sharp focus on vocational practice, TestPro’s Bootcamp inspires course graduates to gain the confidence, knowledge and experience, to help shape the future of automation testing and associated procedures. Prepare for career success, life-changing earnings potential, and the opportunity to make a difference in the software testing future scope with Test Pro. It’s the more thoughtful way to join the future of automation testing.





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