The primacy of test cases in software development

What is a test case

The software development process is often referred or likened to as a life cycle, due to its evolving nature over time. Software development occurs under the sway of key members of an agile application design and deployment team. This collaborative force of software engineering specialists engages in a cohesive and responsive set of tasks. Ultimately the process gives birth to an application that, feeding on the knowledge and skills of its creators, is as high performance and error free as possible. Test cases in software testing are a chief component informing this maturation. QA professionals case test in on ongoing capacity during development, with estimates suggesting test cases examples are involved in around a fifth of all development actions.

What is a test case

Broadly defined, a test case is any action performed in software development that aims to validate and verify the performance of an application. Test case examples include manual, automation, integration, exploratory, regression, functional, acceptance, end-to-end, and unit testing. The type of test case template applied during development will vary according to the exact nature and purpose of the application, as well as its scale and specific project budgetary considerations.

Learning how to write test cases in 2023

Test case management tools are essential core learning for those wanting to launch into the lucrative and rewarding area of software development, namely as a QA tester. TestPro is the unique online access training solution for anyone wanting to learn how to write test cases. All of TestPro’s intensive remote study programs cover the fundamentals of test documentation. The courses offer an accelerated education option for people with little or no coding experience. TestPro’s Software QA Bootcamp covers all the basics and is the perfect study option for students interested in manual test case management. TestPro’s next level SDET Training Course revisits the fundamentals covered in the QA Bootcamp and extends the syllabus to include lessons in JIRA and many other test case scenario template tools.

JIRA for test case management training at TestPro

JIRA is one of the most popular test case management systems in use today. As such, it is a key component taught in TestPro’s SDET Training Course. JIRA is an open source software testing tool that enables the fast identification of bugs during an agile development cycle. It assists QAs to error track, to organize and prioritize bug fixes, as well as address issues that arise during development.

TestPro test cases examples FAQs

What are some of the benefits of choosing a TestPro remote learning study program?

TestPro empowers students to study at a pace that suits them, with all lessons pre-recorded and accessible 24/7. This leads to better learning outcomes and to the flexibility for students to combine TestPro study with other work or life commitments. TestPro is thus an affordable educational option for many students wanting to switch up their career. All programs have been carefully curated by industry professionals and focus on teaching practical jobcentric skills as well as building role-ready confidence through interview prepping and work experience on real life commercial projects.

Do I need much computer or coding knowledge to enroll at TestPro?

None at all. The only prerequisites for entry into a TestPro study program are access to a computer and a very basic level of proficiency in using one. TestPro’s innovative learn by doing approach is geared towards teaching the fundamentals required to work in QA, as well as practicing them with participation in real time agile software development designed to build collaborative and problem solving skills.

Is it possible to get a job as a QA tester with a single TestPro qualification?

Yes it is, and every aspect of the TestPro teaching approach is geared towards helping students to do so. Around 79% of TestPro graduates gain their dream QA role within months of course completion. Thus it’s clear that the institution’s course content, teaching methods, complementary mentoring assistance, integrated work experience, and candidate/employer referral system, are all having their desired effect.

The bottom line

Cultivate the can-do confidence, gain theoretical understanding and practical application experience in test case examples, and prepare for your exciting and high-income new role as a QA tester at TestPro. With intensive learning programs and a supportive online learning community, TestPro is quality career starting education, accessible and affordable for all.


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