What jobs can a SDET perform?

We’ve talked a lot on the site about the advantages of starting an SDET career and how approachable it is, but sometimes it’s good to ground ideas more. So for today, we want to take a look at what kind of SDET jobs you can expect to get hired for. So let’s take a look at what the SDET jobs near me scene is like in today’s article.

What is the SDET job description?

The SDET job description can be summarized as an individual who combines the roles of software developer and tester with a focus on QA work. Or to put it in even more straightforward terms we are looking at a software development engineer who has a heavy focus on QA and testing, but nonetheless is expected to aid in the development of the tested software to some degree.

That sums up the SDET position fairly well, but when it comes to the specific SDET responsibilities the position demands, we’ll have to take a deeper look.

Understanding SDET roles and responsibilities

SDET roles and responsibilities can be summed up as testing, informing, and developing. But of course, we’ll get more in-depth over each step so you can get a better idea of what Software Development Engineer in Test jobs are actually expected to do.

First and foremost you will have to participate in the development of the software to some degree, since this is the main difference between SDET and QA or manual testers. So coding knowledge is important, but very rarely will you be one of the core programmers. Think of the role as an advisor, you need to know what’s going on in the code and offer insight, but you won’t be the inventor so to say.

Testing is of course the bulk of the job, and you’ll have to do both manual and software-reliant tests on the product to try and discover any potential bugs. These tests will range from standard use to trying to find loopholes and exploit to even stress tests. In other words, you’ll be poking the code as much to see if it snaps.

Last but not least you’ll be expected to deliver detailed bug reports when you do encounter one, which includes the nature and severity of the bug as well as what caused it. This encompasses the informing aspect of the SDET responsibilities.

The most common SDET jobs

Most SDET jobs in the current landscape are for software development firms, which means that you’ll be expected to do testing for various software in development. Traditionally this tends to mean software for other outside clients, so you’ll be expected to test the products and custom software that the company is releasing for their clients and make sure it works as intended.

A benefit of this style of work is that since software firms are always selling new software there’ll always be a need for your position, so the job stability is quite good as well.

Are SDET remote jobs common?

Remote work has completely changed the way we look at work, and recent years, in particular, have seen a boom in the number of companies adopting this measure; the situation for SDET jobs is a bit more interesting.

Many projects will hire remote workers as the product is digital and all work is done through a computer for the most part. But more dedicated firms with secretive clients might prefer to avoid remote positions due to the risk of leaks. So in broad terms, listings for both remote and office work are available.


Are SDET remote jobs the only alternative in the market?

No, of course not, many companies still prefer to keep their staff on-site. However, the internet has made remote SDET jobs far more common than before.

How can I apply for Google SDET jobs?

Google like any other company has public job listings on their websites and other job platforms. The same process applies to Microsoft SDET jobs or Amazon SDET jobs.

Do entry level SDET jobs pay well?

Yes, because SDET is already a specialization in the testing field. Entry level positions start at $100,000 per year.

Is there a demand for senior SDET jobs?

Definitely. SDET is becoming a standard for testing all over the world, and it’s in high demand. So senior SDET not only can expect multiple job listings at any given time, but they can also earn up to 50% more than their junior peers.

The bottom line

When it comes to SDET jobs you will be expected to understand the code and responsibilities of a programmer, but the bulk of the work will still be testing. So if you are interested at all in this promising career choice make sure to take a look at our courses and apply today.


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