All about building a SDET resume

All About Building a SDET Resume

When it comes to job-hunting building a resume can be even scarier than the actual interview, after all, it’s the first thing any company will see. However today we’ll do our best to make sure it’s as manageable as it can be. So keep on reading to discover all of our senior SDETR resume tips and tricks.

How do I start building an SDET resume?

Before you start writing down your SDET profile resume you’ll need some real experience, and that’s often a paradox that is too often seen in any work. However it’s also important to keep in mind that experience isn’t always the same as a previous paid job, and that’s what will make the difference.

Official courses with certificates will of course go a long way to help your SDET resume, but practical experience is always one of the best things to fill any resume with. Our courses already include real work with companies to help you in this step, but collaborating with open-source software or other non-profit yet visible projects will help buff up your resume in no time at all.

Building a proper senior SDET resume

What matters the most when it comes to SDET resume samples is that the information provided is not only relevant but also clear. So it’s not about having 20 prior jobs listed, but to make sure the ones you do add are meaningful and that their virtues are easily apparent.

So to make the most out of your SDET CV sample we’ll cover the main pillars you need to consider before you even start typing the first word of your resume:

  • Studies
  • Practical Experience
  • Professional References

Studies are a self-descriptive category, and this is where you list your completed courses and programs that are relevant to this occupation. A good College will always go a long way, but choosing the right courses will also let you know to any employer just how much time you’ve dedicated to the craft.

For Practical Experience, you’ll want to list real work (whether paid or not) that you’ve partaken in your career. However one of the most common beginner mistakes is to list every single job you’ve been involved with, which can often be counter-intuitive. What you should do is list all your previous jobs for yourself and then pick the most important and impressive ones from the list. Make it a summary of your experience that is easy to digest and understand.

As for Professional References what matters the most is that you list someone who will offer a positive experience for you. Even if they aren’t necessarily the most impressive employer in your past what people want is to get a good idea of who you are as a worker, so make sure to list people you trust.

Make sure to compare SDET resume samples

Once you have everything ready for your perfect resume and feel confident in everything you put into paper… It’s time to compare with other SDET resume example instead.

The internet has no shortage of resumes for you to compare and contrast yours to, and this will give you a much better idea of what kind of resumes people are submitting. Additionally, if you have acquaintances in the same line of work reach out to them. Ask them for tips and recommendations on the resume you already built.

A good resume will be useable for years to come, so don’t rush into it, make sure it’s quality work.


Do you have an SDET resume template?

We currently do not have a resume template for download at the site, but we do go over the topic in our courses.

Should I be expected to have a selenium SDET resume to get hired?

Not all companies will demand Selenium. But it is a topic we cover and it’s a good idea to list it in your resume.

How expansive should an SDET resume be?

With any resume, you should always focus on quality over quantity. If you have countless references then stick with the ones that offer the most prestige

How likely is an employer to contact one of my professional references?

In all honesty not too likely, as it’s easy to corroborate information nowadays with the internet. But you should of course let your references know that they’ll be listed in the resume.

The bottom line

Building a resume is an essential step in getting hired, and as such it is important to give it the attention to detail it requires. At Test Pro, our courses go over resume building and focus on providing practical experience to make sure you do have references to fill your CV with, so if you are interested check what our course has to offer, and let’s remain in touch.


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