Amazon quality assurance jobs

In the 25+ years since executive chairman, Jeff Bezos, launched the company from his humble garage, Amazon has expanded exponentially to become the biggest household name in online shopping. It is also now a behemoth streaming service, cloud storage provider, robotics innovator, gaming and game streaming facilitator, and multifarious bricks and mortar store holder. With such success across a highly diversified portfolio, it’s no wonder that the company engages in extensive Amazon quality assurance activities. Amazon QA jobs are as sought after by tech sector applicants as they are lucrative and potentially life-changing. So if you’re a student of QA and embarking on your own life redesign into the engaging and dynamic world of software development, testing and quality assurance, an Amazon QA job could be just the ticket. With Amazon QA roles both coveted and competitive, TestPro’s vocationally oriented teaching programs are geared towards giving graduates the advantage when applying for Amazon quality assurance jobs. Here’s how TestPro is the number one in Amazon QA initiation studies worldwide.


Amazon QA jobs

Roles in Amazon QA range from Amazon SDET jobs, to Amazon quality assurance engineer positions, and site specific roles such as Amazon IC QA CS professionals. IC QA CS Amazon professionals access the accuracy and quality of inventory in its warehouses. The unifying factor of all Amazon quality assurance jobs is the prerequisite QA skillset of techniques and practices involved. TestPro remote delivered QA Engineer and SDET Bootcamp programs provide a range of options for novices in the area of quality assurance and those with QA experience, who want to extend their career opportunities within the sector. TestPro’s innovative online teaching method enables students anywhere in the globe to learn from a tech expert teaching panel and engage with course content that is continually revised to be reflective of current best industry practices. TestPro has received multiple peer accolades, such as inclusion in Career Karma’s Top 6 Software Testing Bootcamps, Course Report’s Top 10 Software Testing Bootcamps, and has been voted The Best QA Bootcamp in the US with Live Classes for 2021. It’s also Bureau for Private and Post-Secondary Education approved, and is the only US Bootcamp with International Software Testing Qualifications Board recognition. The majority of TestPro graduates secure their dream job within months of course completion, with many assuming Amazon quality assurance jobs. Whether as an Amazon quality assurance product tester, or in a more senior Amazon SDET position, a TestPro program is the only investment required for fulfilling future Amazon employment aspirations.

SDET Amazon salary

Recent estimates for the annual pay of a Software Development Engineer in Test, or an average SDET Amazon salary, are $190,629, thus defining the role as having enviable earnings potential. TestPro’s SDET Bootcamp is the ultimate online learning intensive for candidates with a background in programming and quality assurance who wish to deepen their knowledge in the area and gain the skills and experience to land an Amazon SDET role. The condensed course consists of five weekly online sessions, all of which are anytime accessible for self-paced study and student convenience, and which are complemented by individual tutorial assistance and practical components. The program is highly comprehensive and incorporates revision of all the fundamentals of QA engineering, as well as advanced teachings in Java and other testing regimes and affiliated areas. Students practice their collaborative skills on real-life projects with TestPro’s unique industry-partnered work experience program.

Amazon QA engineer salary

With an average national yearly pay of $65,441, and other job roles in the area paying more than 150% of this rate, an Amazon QA engineer salary is often anything but typical. The exact remuneration varies according to the specific nature of the role. One of the appealing aspects of a job in Amazon QA, and of TestPro’s role readying Software QA Bootcamp, is that it’s an achievable study option for those with little to no prior experience in the area. TestPro condenses into just three months what degree programs at university take years to teach. It’s a learn-by-doing approach that fuses hands-on, real-life project experience with individually tailored tutoring assistance and a firm grasp of all the QA engineering fundamentals.

Amazon SDET interview questions

TestPro’s SDET course integrates an interview preparation module, with specific relevance to Amazon SDET interview questions, into its course structure. This invaluable component of the teaching program is where TestPro tutors prepare students on all aspects of the job application process. While other online providers offer stand-alone guides to preparing for an Amazon interview, TestPro embeds the knowledge and experience of its industry-esteemed tutors into its course offerings, affording TestPro students the ultimate advantage at no extra cost or time commitment. The interview module instructs students on how to craft a stand-out resume, gives examples of the kinds of Amazon SDET interview questions to expect, and allows students to hone their responses and build confidence through mock interviews.

Amazon QA interview questions

The focus of all TestPro teaching programs is getting students job ready and into QA roles that are personally and financially rewarding. Students of TestPro’s Software QA Bootcamp encounter the types of Amazon QA interview questions that are likely to emerge in an interview scenario. TestPro graduates emerge ready to impress at the interview stage, having been schooled on all aspects of the often challenging application process.

TestPro FAQs

I can’t decide which TestPro course is most suitable for me, can TestPro help?

Absolutely, TestPro’s dedicated support staff is available to help you consider all enrollment options available. You can also join in on a free information seminar to clarify any questions you may have about the programs.

I’m not sure if Amazon is my ideal employer, are TestPro programs relevant across the industry?

TestPro courses are relevant and transferable to all QA jobs within the sector, from the big names in tech to small boutique providers. TestPro’s main goal is to deliver the skills, methodologies and work experience, that will impress any onboarding QA firm, with past graduates having gone on to assume roles in a diverse range of companies.


For anyone aspiring to an Amazon SDET salary-worthy career or any other of the innumerable Amazon quality assurance jobs available, TestPro’s vocational-centric QA Bootcamp and SDET Bootcamp provide an expertly curated guide to achieving that coveted role. Invest in TestPro to fulfill your future ambitions today.   


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