SDET interview questions in 2023

SDET is here to stay and that’s a good thing for those who made an effort to learn the craft. But if it’s the first time you are applying to a job in this field then it’s easy to feel a bit nervous. However, you don’t need to worry, because we’ll work together today to make sure you ace your interview. So whether they ask you about ad-hoc testing or beta testing you’ll be ready for any SDET interview questions that might pop up.

The basics of SDET interview preparation

SDET interview preparation starts with one simple task: Relaxing. It might seem like it’s too obvious to list, but it’s as important here as it is in any other field. So before you go around trying to guess every single Google SDET interview questions that might pop up, do yourself a favor and make sure to rest well the night before the interview and try to take it easy. You won’t be able to answer anything on your SDET interview if you are a bundle of nerves.

With relaxation out of the way, you’ll find out that in practice the best way to prepare yourself for SDET technical interview questions is to be good at your job and to practice often. Unlike other potential jobs, SDET testing is all about practical work, and that means any SDET coding interview questions will usually be easy to answer because you likely experience them before during your studies or prior work.

In short, don’t expect senior SDET interview questions to focus on the theory that nobody addresses, or on hypothetical problems you’ll never run into in your work life. It all comes back to practical questions, so treat it as any other interview and make sure to put on your best face.

Common SDET interview questions

While you can’t expect the set of Amazon SDET interview questions to be the same as Facebook SDET interview questions (and you should keep in mind the profile of the company you are applying to) the fact is that a lot of questions do repeat across multiple companies and businesses. So today we’ll be listing a set of some of the most common SDET interview questions and answers so you can be prepared ahead of time for your future interview.

So let’s take a look at the most common questions we see in SDET interviews around the world:

  • What’s the difference between SDET and Manual Testing? Manual testers only test the near-finalized product and aren’t expected to know the ins and outs of the program, an SDET is involved in the coding process.
  • What’s Ad-Hoc Testing? Testing done without planning or documentation
  • Define Priority and Severity. Severity refers to harmful a bug is, Priority lets you know how important is to get it fixed.
  • When will you decide that a product is ready to ship? You don’t. Upper management makes the call, your role as an SDET is to make sure they have all the important information to make that call.
  • What are Alpha and Beta testing? Alpha testing refers to the in-house testing processes, Beta testing involves users in a real environment.
  • What makes a good bug report? A bug report should include a summary of the bug, an explanation of the steps required to cause the bug, and an explanation of its behavior.


How hard is it to succeed in an SDET interview?

That honestly depends on the quality of your skill. But something you need to keep in mind is that interviews aren’t designed to gatekeep you from a new job, they are a way for employers to know about you; so use that opportunity to your advantage.

Should I expect to do practical work during my interview?

In our experience, that’s a very rare occurrence. Interviews tend to focus on efficiency, so most questions will likely just be verbal.

Is there a way to know the exact questions for a given interview?

There’s no fixed universal guide for how to direct an interview. So even for a given company, it’s not like all Apple SDET interview questions are always the same.

How deep do the questions go?

In general, any question you’ll be asked is something you’ll be expected to run into your average work day.

The bottom line

Interviews can be scary at first glance, but it’s important to remember that not only they are an opportunity to show your knowledge but they also have no ill-intent behind them. Plus all of our students get prepared for interviews during our courses, so by working together, we can assure you that the overall process will be a snap.


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