All About Testrail

All About Testrail

Ask any engineer and they’ll tell you that the tools you use matter almost as much as your existing knowledge; which of course means we all want to find out what the best possible testing software out there is. Well, today we want to make that entire process easier for all of you, and we’ll do it by explaining what the TestRail tool is all about.


What is TestRail Test Management?

Before we go any further we need to answer what is TestRail Test Management, and that is a testing OS that allows companies to have a centralized QA platform to connect and align all their testing processes in a single server.

TestRail works differently from other testing software in that is first and foremost an organization tool that connects multiple testing instances, and that’s where TestRail status as a premier tool in testing comes from.

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TestRail Reputation

TestRail is one of the most mentioned and respected tools in QA testing for good reason, and with over 10,000 TestRail reviews backing up its performance it’s easy to see at a glance that reception to it is universally positive.

Of course, quality and worth are subjective values but the combination of TestRail pricing alongside its unique services that go beyond just aiding in individual testing process go a long way to explain its positive reputation in the medium.

How versatile is the TestRail API?

A program that is designed around connecting multiple testing instances is only as useful as its interactivity, and thankfully the TestRail API is compatible with almost all testing programs in the market.

The TestRail API supports binding to Java, PHP, Python, and Ruby amongst others, so a quick TestRail tutorial will be all you need to get all your operations properly synchronized under TestRail.

Understanding TestRail Jira integration

While at first glance the function of both TestRail and Jira might sound too familiar, the fact is that TestRail Jira integration is one of the most important tools one can rely on for accelerating the testing process.

TestRail for Jira works as a way to increase visibility between the QA and Development teams by ensuring that steps in each section can be easily correlated to their equivalent from the other team and that way every involved party will be able to be on the same page in a matter of minutes. So even if you already have Jira running on your systems, TestRail Jira integration is worth considering.


The first step: TestRail login

There are two main ways to look at the TestRail login process, and that’s the company and the individual login processes. Like any other product on a subscription/demo basis, your company will need to have a dedicated login that oversees all operations and functionally acts as an administrator on the entire environment.

However, it is also possible to create individual TestRail login processes for your staff so they can all log their testing processes individually without risking overlapping on each other records.

What is the standard TestRail Pricing?

Like many other subscription-based services TestRail pricing isn’t a fixed value, but rather it depends on which plan you pick and the number of users your server will require.

For cloud-based plans the cost for 1 user is:

  • Professional Cloud at $408
  • Enterprise Cloud at $826

Meanwhile, for server-based plans, the cost for 20 users is:

  • Professional Server at $8,140
  • Enterprise Server at $16,500

Pricning of course will vary depending on the overall number of users, but thankfully the official website for TestRail allows you to check the value ahead of time.

What TestRail alternatives are there?

When it comes to TestRail alternatives there are five main programs you’ll hear discussed:

  • PractiTest
  • MicroFocus
  • Qase
  • Zephyr
  • SpiraTest

All of these TestRail alternative options are of course full of differences by the mere virtue of having different developers, and while TestRail might be the most popular Test Management software in the market the price or unique features of the other options could end up being a good match for your company as well.

TestRail vs Zephyr, which one to choose?

Out of all TestRail alternatives, the most common comparison is TestRail vs Zephyr, However, what do the numbers say regarding this rivalry?

Aggregated reviews generally back up TestRail as the better option out of the two, and while the difference might not feel that considerable at first (0.2 stars out of 5) the fact that there are more TestRail reviews in general shows that as far as the Zephyr vs TestRail discussion goes TestRail is still the people’s favorite.

That said there is one area where Zephyr manages to win in this TestRail vs Zephyr comparison the ease of amangement for the admin. Most reviews agree that Zephyr is generally more approachable, especially for less tech-savvy individuals.


When do I need TestRail?

If your company needs to test regularly and especially to test multiple projects then TestRail will be a very important asset for your operations.

Is TestRail my only option?

No, of course not. There are other test management software options out there, and many of them offer free demos so you have the means to make an informed choice.

How many users will I need?

That ultimately depends on the scale of your operations. But generally having at least one user for each dedicated team is a good idea.

The bottom line

TestRail offers an invaluable function to testing teams, and that is the infrastructure needed to aggregate and coordinate multiple testing instances together and make sure there’s a centralized structure. Any large enough QA team will eventually need TestRail, so if you are interested in further reviews, tips, and guides to level up your QA game make sure to stick around and check our site regularly.


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