QA Game Tester

QA Game Tester

Video games are in vogue. From Android and iOS mobile games to recruitment assessments to online PC games, there’s always an opportunity waiting for QA game testers. If you want to become a QA video game tester, you have come to the right place. This post reviews your duties as a tester and how to become one, so stay tuned!

What is QA video game testing?

Quality assurance testing for video games includes thoroughly testing video games before release to the public. The goal is to ensure there are no technical issues or errors before customers play the game. Does the product meet the quality standards and requirements? Is a bug recurring or a one-time problem that appears under certain conditions?

Quality assurance testers for video games create test plans to search for (and find) these potential errors. Then, they suggest improvements and new features to developers. Once the video game is out on the market, there’s no turning back, so you and the team should ensure everything is ready beforehand.

What do game QA testers do?

Your primary task is to play the entire game multiple times, testing different scenarios and features to identify and report bugs. For example, you can play the game on both Android and iOS devices to determine if there’s a recurring bug on both platforms.

As a video game QA tester, you also work closely with developers to provide feedback and suggest improvements and features. What do you think players would appreciate when playing? Do you think the game meets the expectations of the playing base? Being a regular gamer yourself is a plus when trying to land a job testing video games.

Essential tools for video game QA testers

As a QA video game tester, you must master some tools to become the best in your field. For starters, you need to become familiar with game development software like Unity and Unreal Engine. Also, case management software like JIRA or Zephyr comes in handy when tracking test cases and reporting bugs. Any tool that helps you log and track bugs and test hardware is a must to land a good job. These include Bugzilla, Mantis, and more.

Needless to say, you need a basic understanding of coding and programming languages. While it’s not a requirement for some jobs, it helps video game QA testers understand how developers build games and find bugs more easily. The most popular programming languages for video game QA testers are Python, C++, and C#. Don’t worry – You can still land a job as a game QA tester without knowing how to code. But if you are interested in upgrading your skills, you can always take an online quality assurance engineering course.

Lastly, you need knowledge of editing software like OBS and Bandicam to record gameplay footage and videos. Basic knowledge of how emulators like Cemu or Dolphin work is also a plus.

As you can see, there are several tools and technologies to learn before you become a full-time game QA tester. Online courses and bootcamps can help you advance your career faster.

How to become a QA video game tester?

While there’s no specific path to becoming a QA video game tester, coming from computer science-related fields gives you an advantage over the rest of the candidates. But rest assured that you can develop a career in QA video game testing if you have a basic understanding of the game industry and development.

If you don’t have an engineering degree, you can pursue a Master’s or enroll in online bootcamps. Our online QA courses and bootcamps at TestPro teach you the basics and help you build an impressive portfolio to land a job. You will learn how to solve problems, understand code, write in programming languages, identify and fix errors, write and build reports, and more. All you need is a steady Internet connection, a passion for the field, and discipline. Learning boring theories that you never apply is outdated – Our method focuses on learning by doing and using everyday tools that are helpful in top corporations.

The average salary for video game QA testers

How much will you make if you become a video game QA tester? The average annual salary in the United States is $87,131. Top earners can make up to $400,000 per year, though most testers earn an annual amount between $25,000 and $31,000. As you advance in your career and become more professional, your salary will also increase to match your qualifications.


How much do QA game testers make?

QA game testers earn an estimated annual salary of $25,000-$31,000. The amount depends on factors like years of experience and location.

What do QA game testers do?

They ensure that the game is error-free and bug-free before release to the public. They make sure the video game works on different systems and under different conditions.

How to become a video game QA tester?

A background in engineering or computer science is ideal, though it’s not a requirement. You can enroll in online courses and bootcamps to advance your career and land a job. You can learn the basics of game development and testing, including Python, C++, testing automation, testing software, and more.

Do QA game testers need to code?

Not necessarily, but it’s a plus for most recruiters. If you understand how programming works, you can spot and fix bugs more easily.

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