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Individual program

Our method is a data-driven AI solution that is proven to improve your communicative fluency 38% over one year – in just 90 minutes a week.
You don’t have to wonder about the best way to study or what you should focus on. From an initial interview, expert evaluators create your learner profile.
The recommender engine then uses machine learning to match the best discussion topics and assignments to your unique profile.

Flexible schedule

Commit 1.5 hours to English every week and you will learn to speak confidently and have fun conversing. You will devote one half hour three times a week – you choose which days and times:
½ hour directly with Teacher (1:1)
½ hour Replay Challenge™
½ hour Extra English

Progress Speaking Assessments

You will get access to a dashboard where you can track your progress: - Individual progress by skill area (Pronunciation, Grammar, Vocabulary and Fluency) - Individual overall progress You will receive a Progress Speaking Assessment after every 24 lesson units (1 lesson unit = one 1:1 + Replay Challenge™ + Extra English).

Best Teachers

All our teachers are: - TESL-certified - Native speakers of North American English - University graduates - Experienced teaching English as a Second Language

English for QA engineers

So, you want to become a software tester but don’t know whether you need to invest in improving your English skills or not. In a globalized, ever-growing world, proficiency in English is always a plus for engineers and QA testers. Besides being a plus for most recruiters and providing access to more opportunities, it allows you to keep up-to-date with new technologies.

That is why you might want to take an English for QA engineering course. This post reviews why taking the TestPro English for QA program can boost your career.

English QA: Why do you need English for your career?

Many factors come into play to answer this question.

Work From Home

As the number of employees who work from home increases, so does the need for learning English among developers and testers. Recruiters now headhunt top talent from all over the world, making it common to team up with coworkers from other countries. Having a standard language to communicate with your peers is key to increasing productivity and maintaining healthy, functional relationships within the company.

You have probably encountered hundreds of QA testing offers with a work-from-home policy. As much as you want to apply for the job, be realistic when hunting for a new position. Will you be able to communicate with the rest of the team?

Programming language

If you are a coder, you already have a basic understanding of English. But upgrading your skills can make a difference in your code. For example:

  • Your lines of code become more logical and written in the order
  • Your business write-ups and reports become more attractive and valuable to the team
  • You can suggest ideas and participate in meetings
  • You can become a valuable member of the team, resulting in a promotion

And much more.

Standard language in top companies

Top companies like Google or Tesla share a common language within their workforce. If one of your long-term goals is to be part of these corporations, you need to level up your English for QA engineers. Not being proficient in this language can even prevent you from taking an interview and proving your competence in software testing.

English for software testers: TestPro English for QA program

What will you learn in our English for QA engineers lessons? You will learn how to communicate formally with your team, how to write organized and logical lines of code, basic and advanced grammar and punctuation, and more.

AI program

Thanks to machine learning, there is no need to prepare a study plan on your own. Our English program is a data-driven AI solution that creates a custom learning path and course for you. After an initial interview, our algorithm analyzes your answers and creates your learner profile.

Flexible schedule

Taking an online course offers flexibility regarding lessons and the schedule. While you want to learn English for software testers or QA engineers, your agenda is probably tight. We know that the tech industry can be very demanding and overwhelming.

With TestPro, all you need are less than two hours each week. Each week, you complete a unit, which includes:

  • A one-on-one lesson with a teacher for half an hour
  • A half an hour replay challenge
  • And one extra English for QA lesson for half an hour

You decide when and where to take all these lessons!

Progress assessments

Tracking your progress when learning a new language is key to succeeding. That is why you will get access to a progress dashboard that displays your advancement in the following skill areas: pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and fluency.

To make things more interesting, you receive extra assessments after 24 units. These assessments allow you to determine your current level and plan your next study sessions.

Certified professors

When learning a new language, it’s crucial to be in the hands of a professional. That is why TestPro only hires native speakers with vast experience teaching English as a second language.

Join whenever works best for you

You can start the course at any time you want. There is no restriction, all you need is a steady Internet connection and the motivation to learn. We at TestPro know how important flexibility and individuality are for software testers and engineers, and thus we provide the opportunity to begin whenever works best for you.

If you’re interested in leveling up your English skills for QA, make sure to check out TestPro’s English for QA engineers program.

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Real Professionals with Real Experience

english for qa engineers teacher Frith Ann Maier
Frith Ann Maier

Master’s in International Studies,
TESL-certified, Internet innovator.

english qa teacher Kristina Curtis Ekiz
Kristina Curtis Ekiz

Senior Education Director

english for qa teacher Daniel Lester
Daniel Lester

Education Director


english for software testers teacher Susan
qa meaning in english teacher Rebecca
qa english teacher Estelle
english qa tester teacher Paul
qa english teacher Paige
qa english teacher Christopher


What our students say


Furthermore, NEI's teacher flexibly facilitate our verbal output skills such as speaking and writing. They also use podcasts, articles or videos. They will help your English skills!"
english for qa engineers review
Oral Surgeon Trento, Italy

It is possible to take lessons at a time and place convenient for me, even with my dog."
english qa review
Naoya Y.
Mechanical Engineer Kobe, Japan

I was very shy and had no confidence. The NEI Teachers are polite, friendly, open to discussion. They give me useful solutions for my pronunciation problems."
english for qa review
Viktoria K.
Student, RANEPA Moscow

but don't have much time, because I can book a lesson any day and time and teachers prepare for many topics to talk. If you need a personal English teacher at home, NEI would be the best."
english for software testers review
Mayuko R.
Supply Chain Management Kobe, Japan

I like that the Teachers change – this gives me additional practice of understanding language – and we only work on my language problems they identify. They give me interesting tasks, a lot of exercises and video lessons on pronunciation."
qa meaning in english review
Sofya D.
Encyclopedia Editor Moscow

I talk to different teachers so I can hear different speeds and styles, and they work together to make sure that I’m getting what I need."
qa english review
Ercan C.
Product Manager, Obase Istanbul, Turkey

Pricing Table

We understand your requirements and guarantee our learning results.

NEI Introductory Month Course
for TestPro

$ 100
Per Course
  • Speaking Assessment by an expert evaluator
  • Customized Individual Plan
  • Interview Prep
  • Total lesson units * = 4
  • Each lesson unit = 90 minutes
  • Book lessons at your convenience - any day, any time.
  • * one Lesson Unit = 1:1 + Extra English + Replay Challenge TM

3-month TestPro course

$ 300
Per Course
  • Speaking Assessment by an expert evaluator
  • Customized Individual Plan
  • Interview Prep
  • Total lesson units = 12
  • Each lesson unit = 90 minutes
  • Book lessons at your convenience - any day, any time.
  • * one Lesson Unit = 1:1 + Extra English + Replay Challenge TM

6-month TestPro course

$ 550
Per Course
  • Speaking Assessment by an expert evaluator
  • Customized Individual Plan
  • Interview Prep
  • Total lesson units = 24
  • Each lesson unit = 90 minutes
  • Book lessons at your convenience - any day, any time.
  • Progress Speaking Assessment
  • * one Lesson Unit = 1:1 + Extra English + Replay Challenge TM
Best Value


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You can book a 1:1 at a time that is convenient for you. You can even schedule your 1:1 on a different time and day every week

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No. Students get individual attention from a TESL-certified, native-speaker teacher on a 1:1 basis

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