DevOps or QA: which is better?

With the constant advance of technology, it can be a little overwhelming at times to know which practices and systems work. However, you don’t have to worry: Understanding the difference between DevOps and QA is much easier than it seems. This is precisely why today we’ll be explaining why these methodologies are complementary and can work together to great effect.

DevOps or QA which is better for you?

When it comes to DevOps or QA which is better is the first question that comes to mind. However, you must understand: It’s not that black and white.

QA or Quality Assurance is a practice designed to help test and assure quality for products before they are released: That is to say, it ensures stability before launch.

DevOps on the other hand is a methodology that allows teams to better react to changes at high velocity by combining teams and engineers from the software’s entire application lifecycle.

So in short: When it comes to DevOps and QA, the former keeps your systems running, while the latter made sure they were in perfect shape to begin with.

What is the role of QA in DevOps?

QA is an essential aspect of the DevOps methodology, and in many ways, the system was developed so there’d be no more clashes between QA teams and Developers.

To make it clear: The role of QA in DevOps is to act as a consultant or supporter. Since DevOps aims to give each member of the team more collaborative responsibilities, many of the tasks that were once regarded as exclusive to the QA team can be handled by developers now.

As for the QA team: They can now support the entire team without making it so that their jobs clash. So ultimately there’s no need for any DevOps vs QA clash.

What are the advantages of a DevOps certification?

DevOps has not only become a worldwide standard: But it’s also almost a synonym for software engineering in many circles. And this means that there are many advantages to acquiring a DevOps QA certification. In fact; let’s take a look at the main ones right now.

  • It speeds up your production cycle.
  • Allows you to integrate DevOps QA automation into existing systems
  • Keeps you at the vanguard of your field.
  • Opens countless job opportunities.
  • DevOps QA engineer salary is considerably higher than that of their peers.

What’s the expected salary for a DevOps engineer?

According to websites tracking the income of DevOps QA specialists like GlassDoor or ZipRecruiter: A DevOps Engineer can expect to earn $135,000 annually. By comparison, a general software engineer makes an average of $110,000 and a Junior Software Engineer can only expect to reach $90,000 on average.

In short: a DevOps engineer makes more money than their peers, and that means a DevOps certification for QA can make a big difference in your life.


At the end of the day, which one is truly better?

DevOps is meant to break down barriers instead of making new ones. But if you still need an answer between DevOps or QA which is better, think of it this way: QA is meant to prevent potential problems, and DevOps is meant to solve new issues as they arise and might have more long-term applications.

What’s the difference between DevOps and QA Automation?

When it comes to DevOps vs QA Automation there’s a huge difference. QA Automation takes part of the workload off the shoulders of the human workers. DevOps however aims to share the duties across the entire team, making for more efficient yet human solutions and work.

Is there still a role for QA in this new landscape?

Definitely. As we’ve said so far, you don’t have to think of DevOps and QA as opposing forces. QA is still an essential part of DevOps, and that means learning about the latter will help you excel at the former.

Where does Azure come in on the picture?

If you are a Microsoft Azure user you don’t need to worry. The company has its own Azure DevOps for QA software in the form of Azure DevOps Services. Meaning that you can seamlessly transition to DevOps solutions.

The bottom line

DevOps offers many exciting possibilities in the world of software engineering and development, but that doesn’t mean QA is leaving. So if you are looking to get a new start on your tech career or start from zero, just apply today to our course to be the professional you’d like to be tomorrow.


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