What is synthetic testing?

What is synthetic testing

Software development is on an eternal quest to maximize the quality and delivery speed of its products, safeguard the data privacy of its customers, and minimize the cost and complexity of the processes involved. To this end, synthetic testing has emerged as an integral tool in the design and deployment of quality control measures. Synthetic tests have the ability to deliver strong results across the six main criteria that guide their usage. These are quality, speed, cost, security, flexibility, and simplicity. On the basis of affordability alone, synthetic testing has been shown to reduce testing costs by up to 90% when compared with a traditional commercial-scale test data management approach. It’s no surprise then that jobs in software testing involving synthetic monitoring are generally highly paid and rewarding. Courses in software testing that integrate synthetic test data learning modules, such as TestPro’s SDET Bootcamp, are an effective entry point into this lucrative career field.

What is synthetic testing

Synthetic testing is a means of understanding the user experience of a software application. It does this by applying synthetic monitoring tools to simulate and evaluate how an app is used and where it can be improved. Synthetic transactions of behavioral paths are generated to typify the actions a user would take on the application. The synthetic test data is then analyzed to provide instructive performance feedback. In particular, synthetic testing focuses on the performance of transactions that are central to the app’s purpose or its most commonly executed paths of navigation.

Test Pro synthetic testing study options

Test Pro is an online education provider providing unique remote study options for new entrants into the field of software testing. Its training programs are designed to be immersive, teaching in several months what traditional learning institutions extend over years. Test Pro programs are curated by software industry professionals with years of experience in highly-paid development roles. Test Pro students can engage in self-paced study, as all online lessons, scheduled for evening slots from 7:00 to 8:00 PM PDT, are also pre-recorded. The Test Pro curriculum focuses on vocational learning in a nurturing environment where one-on-one tutor assistance is always accessible.

The importance of synthetic tests

Synthetic monitoring tools are complementary to manual testing processes in any agile software development scheme. They do however boast the following significant advantages:

  • The creation of standardized international performance trends, unifying software development efforts.
  • The performance monitoring of applications during periods of low traffic.
  • The ability to signal when an application has crashed.
  • The identification of bugs caused by third-party scripts.
  • The monitoring of critical database query availability.

Synthetic transactions at Test Pro FAQs

Are there any prerequisites for selection into TestPro’s SDET Bootcamp with synthetic transactions study program?
None at all. TestPro’s learning programs are carefully designed to teach both the fundamentals of software engineering, including terminologies, basic roles and responsibilities, as well as the specific processes involved in software testing. No prior coding experience is necessary.
What else will I learn in the SDET Bootcamp besides how to apply synthetic tests?
The advantage of TestPro’s SDET Bootcamp is that it doesn’t just equip students with an understanding of what is synthetic monitoring, but rather provides an extensive overview of the practical skills required to succeed in a wide range of software testing roles. Hiring tech firms are always on the lookout for candidates with broad skillsets, creative aptitude, and the ability to function as part of agile development teams. Test Pro courses are designed by software development experts to respond to this, giving graduates a head start into high-earning and exciting roles.
How does Test Pro prepare students for post-graduation employment success?
There’s no advantage to knowing what is synthetic testing, if you don’t know how to execute it. This applies to all the skills and techniques taught in a Test Pro program, where the focus is always on the experiential. Test Pro students collaborate on real-life commercial projects, gaining invaluable work experience as they do so. The SDET Bootcamp also features an exclusive interview prep module where students hone their confidence and job interview preparedness. In addition to this, the Test Pro online portal features a unique Hire a grad functionality for matching Test Pro course graduates with specific job vacancies.

The bottom line

Kickstart your new career in the lucrative and dynamic world of software testing, with TestPro’s vocation-oriented SDET Bootcamp. Learn the terminologies, techniques, and practical skills to excel in a role that encompasses synthetic transaction monitoring, and become a part of the tech teams building better, fast and more affordable software for the future.


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