Senior QA analyst

Senior QA Analyst Course

A maximum for success in any chosen career, is that what gets measured, can be managed, and one of the most vital tools for measurement of your understanding of any field, is access to up-to-date education. The technology sector is a highly innovative and competitive space, and tooling yourself with the right learning to succeed in this exciting and evolving sphere, is essential. Test Pro is the ultimate educator for anyone wanting to work in software production as a senior QA analyst, or in any other dynamic QA inspired role, such as a senior software tester, full stack testers, or senior QA tester.

 If you’ve got a great eye for detail, a yearning to problem solve, and a passion for fine tuning software development to ensure a finished product that excels and exceeds, then this could be you. Of course, before the journey begins in full, you need to prepare your vessel, and Test Pro is here to help you achieve that. With a range of ISTQB accredited courses such as the software developer boot camp, as well as manual tester course options, Test Pro provides accelerated learning options that are affordable, open to all levels, and industry rewarded. Whether you’re a newbie just embarking on your tech adventure, or are looking to upskill in order to find your dream job as a full stack tester, a senior QA analyst, or any other role which requires high QA capabilities, Test Pro has the custom course for you.

Quality Assurance Job Details

There are different designer, developer, marketer, and QA, roles that combine to create accurate, bug-free, and high functioning software, QA roles can roughly be divided into testers and analysts. QA testers are concerned with identifying any faults in the workings of a particular software, and then reporting them to engineers who will attempt to fix the problems. A QA analyst on the other hand tends to look the product more as a whole, examining the extent to which it functions across all its layers, and ensuring that the final delivery meets every expectation of the client. Test Pro provides a range of courses that are targeted towards preparing students to secure roles as both testers and analysts.

High QA – High demand

Full stack testers and other QA professionals are in high demand across all industries. In fact, recent statistics compiled from the responses of CIO’s and senior technology professionals in a large pool of organizations globally, revealed an average of just under a quarter of each company’s annual IT budget was allocated to QA testing. When you consider that next to no businesses operate without an IT department, that’s a staggering number of positions as full stack testers, or in senior QA positions, that are need to be filled. Demand creates opportunity and the job security and earning potential for QA graduates certainly appears positive.

At Test Pro, industry accolades for our study programs include a place in Bootcamp Ranking’s 5 Best Software Testing Bootcamps of 2021. Test Pro has also achieved silver status with the International Software Testing Qualifications Board, and is the only United States situated QA bootcamp to be ISTQB recognized.

Full stack tester and real-world focus

Test Pro’s QA Test Automation (SDET) course is the perfect prerequisite for finding your ideal position as a full stack tester. As with all Test Pro intensive study programs, SDET is carefully curated by tech sector professionals, and focuses strongly on simulating real world scenarios. This enables students to gain depth into the concepts, frameworks, and methodologies they are being taught. In fact, Test Pro believes that one of our biggest advantages to students is the workplace experience we provide them through learning opportunities that connect to real open source commercial projects. This takes the tools we teach from theory to practice and gives Test Pro course attendees the edge when it comes to the competitive, and fertile, QA job market..

Senior Quality Assurance

At Test Pro our courses are facilitated by highly skilled instructors. They know the industry, because they are the industry, Our teachers will guide through how to work with all the relevant tools of today’s tech. You’ll learn how to manage JIRA, Test Link, Wiki, Mind Maps, Charles Proxy, Postman, Visual Studio, Code, Browser console, and many more. Each learning module is designed to take you a step closer to being career ready for that role as a senior QA analyst or other QA specialist. As acing the interview process is the first step towards your ideal job, Test Pro tutors will equip you for that as well. And as nothing can replicate the real world, quite like the real world, Test Pro gives every student the opportunity to learn with work placements on commercial projects.

Schedules and benefits break-down

Here’s some more of the job-ready high QA components that Test Pro intensive courses provide, and how they will benefit you:

  • help with resume building – assists in selection for job interviews
  • homework assignments – consolidates course content
  • one on one mentoring – allows for individual questions or areas of difficulty to be addressed
  • short three-month intensive course structure – accelerated learning approach allows faster career transition

Student talk and industry hires

Read through our student testimonials page, to find out how Test Pro graduates rate their learning experience. It will give you insight into the areas of learning that our students found most beneficial, and the roles they were offered after completing our courses. Test Pro also uses its strong industry reputation as leverage to provide our graduates with connections to senior QA job vacancies through our unique Hire our Graduate portal. This free online service allows for employers to submit available job positions with Test Pro delivering them suitable candidate suggestions within 48 hours.

The FAQ’s of High QA

Do I need any qualifications or prior learning in technology to enroll at Test Pro?
Not at all. At Test Pro we feel you’re the best judge of whether or not you have the passion for technology, problem solving skills, and eye for detail, that will help you achieve your dreams to work as a senior QA analyst, full stack tester, or perhaps some other role in hi QA. Test Pro graduates who have gone on to secure lucrative and rewarding jobs in high QA, came to us from a diverse range of employment areas, and varying degrees of past study experience.
Why are Test Pro’s courses shorter than those offered at more traditional institutions?
At Test Pro we favor learning by doing, attempting as much as possible to simulate real-life work challenges with our content. Our intensive courses provide three months of structured learning of all the essential theoretical skills to work at a senior QA level. At the same time, you’ll engage with real world scenarios and problem-solving, working on real projects.
I’m not really much of a team player, is a job as a senior QA analyst likely to be a good fit for me?
This is one to consider carefully. While it’s possible to find QA senior roles where a lot of your work is done independently, it’s more likely that as a senior QA tester you’ll be working in close collaboration with other departments, communicating with programmers, developers, and marketers, to ensure a final product that’s nothing short of perfect.
Are your courses taught by academics in the field of technology?
While you will find a whole heap of experts on the Test Pro Team, you won’t come cross too many who are dedicated solely to the pursuit of academia. This is because the teaching staff at Test Pro are all industry players, with a great deal of knowledge, experience, and passion in their chosen fields. They know exactly what it takes to become a great full stack tester or senior QA analyst because they are so themselves.
English is not my first language, can I still complete a Test Pro course?
Yes, and depending on your exact level of English language competency, you may wish to consider our highly specialized English for QA Engineers study program. This program is taught by university graduate TESL-certifies native English speakers. Each course is individually tailored to suit your needs using a data-driven AI solution and guaranteed to improve your communicative fluency by 38% with only 90 minutes of study time over a year.


A career as a senior QA analyst is all about ensuring the quality, credibility, and fault-free functionality of software applications. In a similar fashion, at Test Pro, we’re all about delivering courses defined by their high standard, strong industry reputation and endorsement, and error finding and fixing abilities. If you’re curious about technology and its evolution, and enjoy diving into the intricate workings, weldings, and potential, of software design, development, and testing, contact Test Pro to find out how we can help get you on track to your tech future today.




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