Zephyr test management

Zephyr test management

How do you train for an industry whose hallmarks are dynamism and continual evolution? Connect with an education provider orchestrated by seasoned industry professionals is task number one. For anyone considering a career pivot to the lucrative realm of software engineering and quality assurance, Test Pro is the premier online educator for up to date, fast-tracked and job ready training. Test Pro courses are designed to equip students with all the latest and greatest tools of the software engineering trade, and prepare graduates for their real world application. The zephyr test management framework has fast emerged as one such tool and Test Pro’s Jira-centric curriculum is ideally suited to training aspiring QAs in its usage.


What is Zephyr test management?

Software development is a sophisticated integration of different frameworks, languages and techniques. As such it requires software engineers to engage with complex testing in order to ensure its efficacy, resolve any functional or design issues and ultimately arrive at a high quality end product. The more complicated the software project, the more vital the role of the QA professionals testing it. Test management tools are frequently used by quality assurance engineers to streamline and safeguard the integrity of the testing process. The Zephyr test management tools is a leading industry QA management product.

Standard features of the Zephyr test tool kit include:

  • Test result analytics
  • Reporting
  • Test control
  • Test case management

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Why is Zephyr test Jira the superior choice

There are two versions of the Zephyr test tool commonly available. Of these, users generally prefer the Jira plugin over the standalone version. This is because Zephyr was first conceived as a test management tool that is native to Jira. Consequently the Jira iteration of Zephyr provides a more seamless integration of QA processes when compared with the standalone version. Test Pro teaches Jira as a core component of its online QA courses. It also trains students to be fluid and agile in their selections of testing frameworks, thus producing graduates who are both proficient in the application of Zephyr test automation within a Jira framework and adaptable in their use of other testing regimes. 

Zephyr test case rave reviews

Popularity in test management tools generally confers their operational superiority as software engineers tend to be a fussy and exacting bunch who are unlikely to persevere with a product when there’s a better alternative available. Far from being ruled by hierarchy and a limited number of choices, in software development and testing, the near constant release of newer and better versions of things guides the industry in its continual evolution. The Zephyr test management system has, however, withstood the test of time and continues to perform to rave reviews. Of the more than three hundred Zephyr test management reviews revealed on the Atlassian Marketplace, Zephyr test management for Jira averaged an impressive 3.5 out of 4 stars.


Zephyr test tool QAs

How does Test Pro training prepare students for future use of Zephyr test Jira?

As the Jira framework is a strong component of all its online training offerings, Test Pro training equips graduates for the real world use of Zephyr test Jira. Additionally, as every Test Pro course provides students with the opportunity to collaborate on real world projects and thus to learn by doing, the educator fulfills a commitment to instilling graduates with the skills and confidence to enter directly into high-earning QA roles post course completion.

How does Zephyr test management assist in the resolution of software bugs during the QA process?

Identifying and resolving bug issues in one of the core activities of QA professionals and development teams. It’s an often complicated area that presents at different stages during development. Zephyr helps manage these fluid identify and fix processes as it integrates easily with issue trackers. Zephyr aides development teams to track both how defects are reported and how they are fixed.

Are Test Pro training programs suitable for people with no prior experience in software development or QA?

Absolutely, and in fact that is their chief function, to provide a vocational bridge for people keen to enter into QA and reap the financial rewards and job satisfaction it offers but who have little or no official training in the area. All that Test Pro requires of its QA engineering Bootcamp enrollees, is that they have a basic level of computing proficiency and am eagerness to learn. With the vast majority of graduates securing a top-earning role in QA within several months of course completion, Test Pro’s success figures speak for themselves.

The bottom line

Agility is central not only to software development and quality assurance but also to its effective translation into educational offerings that teach all the essentials to advance in an industry that thrives on progress. Test Pro course creators are continually testing the veracity of their program contents against software industry innovations. With a mission to see all graduating students secure their dream QA role, every tool they they teach, from Jira to Zephyr, is a valuable stepping stone on the path.




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