SDET Salary

SDET Salary

There are two key way in which to address the often referred to work/life balance that many in the world are pursuant of. The first is to work in an industry and follow a career path that pays well enough to support your ideal lifestyle. The second is to love the work that you do, as the more satisfaction you derive from your career, the greater your contentment in life, both in and out of the office. A career in SDET, and the 2023 pay range estimates of $123, 374 to $193,123 that accompany it, help you to achieve both. A recent Pulse Survey into developer happiness revealed that what makes you happy at work also sets you on the path to a high earnings. Elevated salary potential was nominated by 60% of respondents as the top factor influencing career happiness, followed closely by work/life balance with a 58% response rate. TestPro devised its unique online SDET training course to deliver graduates high earnings capacity and ultimately increase their wealth, in happiness and rewards.

How a SDET salary inspires happiness

As revealed by recent salary sector analysis, even an entry level SDET salary can have you earning in excess of $100,000 a year. With rises in the cost of living a seemingly universal trend across the world, the impetus to earn more is strong everywhere. The more you earn, the more capable you are of financing life’s essentials, such as housing, food and education, as well as funding more leisure and holiday time. But there’s more to it that straight figures. Earning a high salary empowers you to afford more of the things that make you happy, like holidays, family event celebrations and gifts and support for loved ones. A SDET salary helps relieve some of the pressures of providing for your family, increasing housing and education options for you and your children.

How a senior SDET salary can improve your life

Human beings are attuned to growth, to a continual process of learning, renewal and heightened personal goals. This makes a career in tech and especially a position at one of the behemoth employers in the industry, an attractive starting point for career progression and personal growth. While a junior SDET salary will enable you to very comfortably provide for yourself and your family, the industry also offers ample scope for exceeding the average SDET salary.

A little research into current lead SDET salary statistics will reveal that the big tech firms often pay the best. With the average Amazon SDET salary, Google SDET salary, Microsoft SDET salary, Facebook SDET salary or Apple SDET salary ranking high in the earnings category. This is in part due to the large hiring capacity of these firms. It is also a byproduct of their market success, motivation to stay ahead by onboarding the latest SDET talent, and the range of SDET roles of different levels that they offer. Start your career at one of these well established companies, apply the appropriate measure of motivation and focus, and you’ll likely find that you progress from a SDET average salary to a senior SDET salary in little time.

TestPro SDET salary FAQs

Can I learn more about individual SDET salary success stories at TestPro?

Absolutely, and we’ve designed our testimonials page with exactly this in mind. Read first-hand accounts from numerous TestPro graduates as they reveal details of how and where they secured their ultimate SDET job.

Is the average SDET engineer salary likely to remain high for some time?

Yes, not only is the tech industry in general experiencing a boom time, but the demand for SDET roles is also on the rise, with more companies prepared to pay better rates for qualified and capable candidates.

What is TestPro’s top priority as an educator? Title

TestPro’s focus is on getting our students job ready and into the first lucrative SDET position, with all course content, teaching methods and tutorial assistance centered around this remit. Additionally, TestPro’s innovative Hire a Grad online portal links recent graduates with top job openings in the industry.

The bottom line

Ready to get the study required to nab you a principal SDET salary in record time, and simultaneously improve your career satisfaction and work/life balance? TestPro’s online access SDET training course is designed to get you there. It’s the fastest, most direct and most affordable way of converting your SDET salary dreams into reality. Carve out a successful and aspirational career with big tech, or assume a SDET role in the growing number of smaller suppliers, with TestPro’s SDET Bootcamp.



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