QA website testing course to advance your career

Every business that wants to succeed needs a website. The problem is that you cannot use a website that does not adhere to quality standards and specifications. That is where web quality assurance professionals come in handy: they ensure that the web application meets every requirement and complies with industry standards.

If you want to become a web QA tester but don’t know where to begin, this post will solve your doubts and help you grasp what you need.

What is website QA testing?

As mentioned, web QA testing ensures that websites and pages comply with industry standards, including:

  • Usability: Testing the website to ensure a high-quality user experience (UX) for visitors. Is everything labeled and intuitive for users?
  • Performance: Testing the website or app to ensure it performs correctly under different conditions, like high traffic or various browsers.

Security: Testing the app or website to determine its vulnerability and data breaches. Protecting and encrypting personal and sensitive information is crucial in the digital world.

Why is web quality assurance (QA) important?

The goal of website quality assurance testing is to identify and fix potential errors before launching the site to the public. The reason is simple: companies cannot risk launching a product or eCommerce store that crashes or accidentally releases their customers’ data.

As you can imagine, every CEO in the tech industry needs to hire a web QA tester. That’s why it might be a smart idea to enroll in a web quality assurance bootcamp to land a job shortly after completing the course.

How to land a job as a web QA tester?

We at TestPro have developed a Quality Assurance online course that helps you advance your career and land a job in tech. With an average annual salary of $72,870 in the United States, becoming a QA website tester can provide you with the stability and peace of mind you need, all while working in a field you love.

Valuable and useful tools

We understand that no student wants to absorb theory that they cannot put into use. That’s why we teach you how to work with everyday tools like JIRA, TestLink, Mind Maps, Charles Proxy, Visual Studio Code, Browser Console, and more.

Work on projects

The most significant thing when taking a course is learning by doing. That means building real projects along with the lessons to practice what you are learning. We collaborate with commercial and open-source projects to ensure our students’ future work opportunities.

Also, our online QA website testing course allows you to put your new knowledge to use and build a portfolio to showcase projects to future recruiters. Claiming to be competent can work, but displaying your best work is a game-changer.

Get a good job

Some of our students have landed a position in top-quality corporations like Google, Facebook, Amazon, PlayStation, Walt Disney, and more. As the world advances, every company needs a qualified QA website tester.

What will you learn in the QA online course?

Here is a more detailed overview of what you will learn in our course:

  • SDLC and STLC
  • Test documentation
  • Types of testing in real projects
  • Modern application architecture
  • Web applications: HTML, CSS, browser development tools
  • Mobile applications: Android and iOS
  • Databases with SQL and more
  • API Testing
  • Test automation
  • How to ace the QA testing job interview

And more.

If you are ready to learn new skills and advance your career, sign up today for our web QA testing online course and get prepared to make $40-$50 an hour.


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